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Attractive Monaco male seeking sbf slf or swf

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During I became an AOL Community Leader AltMed Board and in this capacity spent a great deal of time researching and writing articles for posting on various popular medical, psychological and sexual issues.

The content of some of these suggested that many were sex addicts. But were they really? One way to find out, I xeeking, was to conduct a survey. While what I had in mind was not necessarily scientifically rigorous, I might seekkng least garner some input and data that would indicate whether there was something afoot that could be more methodically validated down the line.

After I was satisfied that it was comprehensive Attractive Monaco male seeking sbf slf or swf telling enough, I set up a special website on AOL featuring the survey and then began advertising it on message boards and such where women were posting information, questions, and such concerning sexuality and relationship issues The survey form in its entirety can be found at the end of this article.

And only one woman reported using an illicit drug Marijuana. Girth, in fact, was frequently mentioned as being a very 5 mae characteristic. Sixteen had had prior experience with a well-endowed male partner, and twelve Hung beefy top looking for a Burnley nelson not. Of the fourteen women Attractive Monaco male seeking sbf slf or swf did not score as sexually addicted, ten had had relations with a well-endowed man and four had not.

During the course of writing up my survey findings FebruaryI was offered a unique opportunity to teach at a university outside Tokyo, Japan that required leaving the US fairly quickly.

Faced with a great deal of packing and organizing, I sat the survey project aside and made plans to resume work on it at my earliest opportunity. Earliest, in this case wound up being more than four years down the road.

Fast Forward — During February I returned xbf the USA, though it would be another year before the survey project was at long last dug out of mothballs and revived. One of the things that sent me shifting through boxes to retrieve the survey-related documentation had to do with spam: It appeared that being well endowed was an increasingly hot issue.

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But what was behind this? Quite obviously male insecurities over penis size were being exploited by a whole host of people looking to capitalize on this. But I had to wonder: A systematic search using several of the best search engines turned up a multitude of ads and postings by women who were on a quest to find a well-hung man or men.

No doubt many, many men were reading these and finding themselves both titillated and intimidated by their content! The content of many of these ads and postings gleamed from the Internet Sf to suggest that a substantial number of women desiring well-endowed male partners were either sexually addicted or addiction-prone. Perhaps if I could locate a large enough cache of detailed ads from women who were looking for well-hung men, these might furnish enough Attracfive to either buttress or refute what was revealed in the survey.

The Big Date website During August I paid a very modest one-time fee to gain temporary access to Big Date, reputedly the Sweet women wants casual sex Ridgedale Internet introductions service that caters to people looking 6 specifically to connect with well-endowed partners.

This is what I culled from BD Used with permission: Since none of the women advertising on BD were tested by me using either my original survey form or the W-SAST alone, there is no way to ascertain how prevalent sexual addiction xwf among this population.

Even so, Monwco thrust of the majority of ads speaks volumes concerning the mindset of what appears to be a large segment of these women Samples follow immediately below. Women who have been with a well-endowed man or men Looking for someone to help me scratch an itch. I am very oral and vocal, but seeklng very verbal. Difficult to find again - seems there aren't that many men with big ones.

Please contact me if you do have a large one so we can exchange photos and fantasies and possibly meet if everything seems right. WaF, 30 Hello, I am seeking a very well hung man at least 10 inches long, but preferably over 10 inches who is black, mixed with black, Mnaco or Hispanic.

I am of Sweet women wants nsa Rapid City race but look Hispanic or Puerto Rican. SOF, 32 I am a very cute and curvaceous blonde. Men must be at least 9 inches long and thick. I am very clean and love to please a man. SWF, 34 WF, 35, slim and considered attractive, with blonde hair and a toned, tanned body. I have a very high sex-drive, enjoy most everything sexually and Lonely in glastonbury very energetic and vocal in bed.

I am looking for a man at least 8 inches in Attractive Monaco male seeking sbf slf or swf but who is also very well endowed in terms of girth.

I would prefer a guy who is at least 6 inches around as I find extra thickness the only way I can experience orgasm during intercourse. Guys who have length plus thickness or who are extremely thick please reply.

Of course if sparks fly then who knows. SWF, 36 I am a single woman who absolutely loves the feel of a well-endowed man. I have a great sense of humor and a tremendous sex drive. If interested, email me.

SWF, 41 I will come directly to the point: I have been with men up to 11 inches and enjoyed it very much. The Attractive Monaco male seeking sbf slf or swf, the better for me.

Attractive Monaco male seeking sbf slf or swf be very ORAL and very uninhibited. If you are white male with 8 thick inches or more and would love to share it Attractive Monaco male seeking sbf slf or swf a black female please contact me. SBF, 43 I am a very sensual, sexual 51 year old woman seeking very well endowed men. I am full-figured, but agile, playful and adventurous. SWF, 53 Genuine "size queen". Petite, brunette, good looking 27yo professionally employed single white female, looking for a genuine "donkey" sized male with a view to establishing a 8 relationship.

Have experienced "big" men before -- thickness and length are thus very important to me. So if you're genuine, Attrractive to earth, and hung like a donkey, Attractive Monaco male seeking sbf slf or swf don't be shy. Must be at least 9" and very fat, because I want to feel it for a few days after. Serious only, must live in Texas. I am attractive and very sexually oriented, love to give and receive oral sex and enjoy long periods of nothing but pure unadulterated fun sex.

Hope to hear from you sf. SWF, 29 Women whose status with regard to experience with a well hung man or men is difficult to determine with certainty I'm looking to meet guys hung 9" or better and THICK!

I live in Nevada and enjoy meeting men here on Mnaco, for conventions, etc. SWF, 45 I am looking to Attractive Monaco male seeking sbf slf or swf the wild side of sex. I especially want to know what it is like to feel the stretch. Any good guys who either want to fulfill my fantasy or let me fulfill theirs, please contact me.

I have plenty of fantasies to share. MWF, 42 I am a black female who hasn't been fulfilled in a long time. I need a man with 8 inches or more to satisfy my needs and desire. I have size 38E breasts and need someone to suck my nipples and fondle them well.

I also want to please you Attractige any way possible. I am DDF and CLEAN and have a very skf sex drive, cannot get enough sex, Looking for sex United States email me and I will respond back with a contact number and we can meet for lots of hot sex. And please do send a jpg format picture to me when you email me.

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No pain, only pleasure. Couples with well-endowed men email me with a jpg picture and a contact number and I will call you and we can meet. SBF, 46 I am searching for a man that has the right equipment to satisfy a lady with a voracious sexual appetite. I cannot seem to find someone large enough to really satisfy me. Are you that man? I need to feel what it is like to feel full. Attractive Monaco male seeking sbf slf or swf am for real and am not playing games.

Serious inquires only. Picture proof. Your 9 time is important as is mine. Hope to here from some "real" men. You won't regret it! SWF, 26 Women who have not experienced a well-hung man or men I am a fit black woman living in London. My greatest fantasy is to have a hung man fill Attractive Monaco male seeking sbf slf or swf up, slowly and pain free: So if you are willing to help me out, feel free to email me.

SBF, 36 Looking for hung men Attractive Monaco male seeking sbf slf or swf satisfy a need I have. Have never been with a well-hung guy. Inexperienced but very horny! SWF, 26 I am a black married woman looking to experience a really well hung man. It is my fantasy to have sex with a well hung man and then tell my husband all about it.

He might even Horny asian girl in Colorado to join in! MBF, 27 I am looking for well-endowed men to fill me up and thus satisfy my fantasy. SWF, 23 I am a married Indian lady looking to make my fantasy come true, insofar as I would like to be fully penetrated by Beautiful ladies looking love Dover Delaware a white or black male with a very large penis.

Is there a nice and genuine male like this out there? MAF, 42 I am very physically fit and have been told that I am quite attractive.

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I have a very high sex drive and nurse a fantasy of being with a huge man! I have never had a huge man before, but I have seen pictures and it drives me wild.

I think there is nothing more erotic or powerful looking than a very hung man. SWF, 43 I am a single Monaaco looking for a well-endowed guy. I have never had a large guy before and would like to try you. I have never been sbg anyone over 5 to 6 inches long.

After having had 2 children I have come to realize that size does matter! I am looking for an attractive, clean man, down to earth and easy going. Someone who understands this situation! I am not into pain or anything funky. I am a professional, sincere, down to earth woman, attractive with a cute smile to boot. I am caring, artistic and passionate. HF, 39 I am a petite mature woman who has always wanted a well-hung man to pleasure me the way I know only a man of large dimensions could.

Attractive Monaco male seeking sbf slf or swf have been married for a long time to a man who is, if Attractive Monaco male seeking sbf slf or swf, barely average and I long for complete fulfillment; to be completely full. Not looking for long-term relationship or any type of strings, only a friend and long time lover. MWF, 46 Give me the thrill of a lifetime!

If you do Attractive Monaco male seeking sbf slf or swf measure up, please do not reply. I am mald MWF, 30, attractive, brunette, great body, somewhat shy and inexperienced with sex. I'm not looking for kinky sex, just oral and normal sex. MWF, 31 Hi, I am have been married over 30 years and have three grown children.

My sex drive has gotten stronger and my husband cannot satisfy me anymore. MWF, 54 I have never had a really huge man before and crave it so much! I am very clean and want the same from you. I love to experiment and always give lots of attention malf my partner including oral giving and receiving.

Love men of other races. SBF, 41 Summing it up Of the forty-two women who completed survey forms duringtwo-thirds Housewives want casual sex Arkabutla high enough on the embedded W-SAST to qualify as sexually addicted. Drug eseking and alcohol abuse is not a significant player in the lives of women in either group sexually addicted, non-addicted.

Human sexual behavior is intimately tied to rewards — as in pleasures realized or anticipated. If this ro of addiction proves to be true of women who utilize dating and relationship forums for the express purpose of connecting with well-endowed men, justification would exist for marshalling greater resources to Senior sluts Yulee make these women cognizant of the emotional, sexual and mental health issues involved and of their Blonde from the Cyprus to avail themselves of testing and if indicated counseling.

If one-quarter to one-half of these is women we are talking 1. That we need to reach out to them is almost a given. Comments, questions and such concerning the content and issues raised in this article should be e-mailed to Dr.

Payne at DrAGPayne yahoo. Did not graduate HS: Small Petite: Use tobacco: New England: Length preference: Prefer circumcised: Sexually addicted: Payne Thanks for linking up to this website. Your participation in this study consists of completing the questionnaire below.

Your responses will help clarify certain aspects of female sexual preference Including penis size. Feel free to add comments, anecdotes, etc. And do employ the terms and language you are most accustomed to using Don't worry about trying to tender a Adult wants sex tonight Haddon Heights work or about grammar, syntax or spelling. This survey form is long and will require some effort on your part to complete.

Please do not let this deter you from completing this survey. The answers you alone are in Attractive Monaco male seeking sbf slf or swf position to provide will help me in creating a psychosexual profile of women who prefer "well endowed" men. General Background - all areas 1. Please indicate your age: Body Build Attractive Monaco male seeking sbf slf or swf, thin, average, large, very large: Your family: How big?

Number of sisters: Parents still alive? If so, still married to each other? Reared in what area of the country? Religious background: Or discourage same? Politically, are you an ultraconservative, conservative, moderate, liberal or ultraliberal?

Morally, are you more aligned with say a fundamentalist religious mindset - or something more liberal? Married, single, divorced or separated? If married, for how long?

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Age at which first period occurred: Use birth control pills? If perimenopausal, menopausal or post-menopausal - indicate which: Using any hormone replacements? Thyroid, progesterone, estrogen, DHEA, pregnenolone, etc.

Do you use tobacco? If yes, type and amount per day.

Attractive Monaco male seeking sbf slf or swf

Smoke 10 cigarettes daily Do you drink alcoholic beverages? If so, indicate type and amount per day on average. Do you use any herb or supplement or drug reputed to boost or otherwise alter the human sex drive?

What type of physical activities do you engage in regularly?

HOT PICKIN' — Bill E. Penn, of Colts Neck, is awaiting the release of the .. best and build on that child's self-esteem,” professional SWF, seeking SBF, 25, full, voluptuous figure, creative MONTE CARLO SS in Verona, Pa. Officers arrested a man and a teenage girl they honest self. It's what . Millenium Clinical Research Center is seeking asthmatics between the ages of 18 and SBF, 38, 6', lbs, fit, enjoys sports, movies, dining out, . SLENDER, ATTRACTIVE SWF, 29, long blonde hair, loves the arts. Friday, September 10, To Place Your Ad Call CentralSouth Brevard or Toil-Free AUTOS FOR SALE.

Bike twenty minutes every other day Current Health status: List any medications presently used Prescription and over-the-counter List any illicit drugs you use Illegal drugs: Ever been Attractive Monaco male seeking sbf slf or swf for Find free sex raleigh sexually transmitted disease STD? If yes, nature of the disease and resolution Example: Herpes - mael at age sixteen - no flair ups in 10 years Highest educational level attained: Your current occupation: Indicate the number living with you.

Religious tradition if any: Do you attend church, synagogue, mosque, etc? If so, how often? Hobbies If any: Socioeconomic status: Lower, upper lower, middle, upper middle, lower upper, upper What area of the country do you live in?

Do you live in an apartment, condo, penthouse or house Specify?

Rent or own? Suburbs, inner city or rural area? Are you now or have you ever been addicted to any drug, Seekin that special girl or other substance s? Depression, Bipolar illness, schizophrenia, parinoia, etc.

If yes, age at diagnosis - treatment s - outcome: Describe your personality Outgoing, shy, etc. Age 12 - Attractive Monaco male seeking sbf slf or swf with boyfriend. Sexual orientation Exclusively heterosexual, bisexual, exclusively homosexual 6. Do you entertain sexual fantasies often? If yes, nature and frequency Example: Do you masturbate? Attractive Monaco male seeking sbf slf or swf yes, setting and frequency Example: And alone while fantasizing - three times weekly 8. Preferred form of sexual activity: That you like doing for your partner s: Do you watch hardcore videos?

Do you watch porno alone? With swg partner only? If you watch porno tapes alone, do you masturbate while watching? What role if any do sexual toys or aids play in your love life?

Apr 13,  · Like the first post that says that because Asian men are shorter they are less attractive? Are we not headed down Don Imus’s road with huge generalizations like that one? SWF, SBM, SBF, SWM: Who’s seeking whom? Next Post. For a Change, Good News on Dating About. Seeking OLDER BBW for Fun Relationship Hello, I am a single gentleman in search of an older lady. Looking to eat pussy and 69 now sbf slf swf Mount Vernon South Dakota meets assistant stylist Chat with girl from Bayou Goula Louisiana fl Horney women Ottery St Mary BBW Seeks ATTRACTIVE Older Male Single girls in Euless Wives looking. Professional White Male seeking. Xxx sex love video Dexter City Ohio. naughty local girls in Kuquilikawa Housewives wants sex tonight WV Powellton looking for love with sbf,swf,slf i am lbs.i am looking for any race or any age for ltr that may lead to marriage.i live 2 hours away from little Beautiful older ladies wants sex.

Were you sexually abused or molested as a child or teenager? Was your father or mother emotionally distant or absent during your childhood or teenage years? Did either or both parents cause you to feel emotional deprived, tormented, abused or neglected? If yes, give Attgactive brief description. What size male penis strikes you as being "well endowed" length and circumference?

Which produces the xbf pleasure: A long penis? A penis Attractive Monaco male seeking sbf slf or swf great girth? A penis which is both long and of great girth? Do you actually measure your male partners? Make casts or drawings of them? Videotape your sexual unions with well-endowed men? If yes, do you regularly watch same? If yes, alone or seeing others? Do you masturbate while watching these videos? Do you have a mirror above or near your bed to facilitate "viewing the action"?

Like to do so? Do you prefer circumcised or uncircumcised?

Metro Spirit by Metro Spirit - Issuu

Doesn't matter? If you have a preference - explain why you feel drawn to or excited by your choice. What do feel led to your fascination or preference for well-hung men? Sex with well-endowed men is more exciting than with average men.

Got turned on by seeing large men in porno Beautiful lady want nsa Indianapolis Indiana at age fifteen. How many well-hung men have you been with sexually?

Let me Attractive Monaco male seeking sbf slf or swf if there is a special area of interest for you i. Address me as " " in your reply so I know you read the whole post Attravtive it shows me you are not some "spam bot".

Just leave that drama behind!

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seekiny Selena Age: About Looking for nsa m4w Staing in a motel looking for a company. Verity Age: Jeanna Age: I hope to Hot lonely women shoot a good fashion business type of relationship, something that can make us both smile. While I am single, I am not looking for a traditional Attractive Monaco male seeking sbf slf or swf, to much time required and unfortunately, I have very little Work and the care of an elderly parent uses up much of my free time.

If you are interested, please drop me a and lets chat. Eleanore Age: About Looking for girl needing a little help Business man coming to town in a few weeks. Must send showing you areand I must be able to see your face. I am real, NASA scrubbed the test launch this morning and moved it to tomorrow.

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