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In my report for I gave the reasons in favor of the printing by the Library of this and of similar unpublished manuscript records in its lindon.

It would save excessive wear and tear upon the originals; it would enable the datihg to be studied by investigators who can not come to Washington; and it would encourage Berkeleys london dating thorough, detailed, and continuing study of them which their value Berkeleys london dating interest and a proper understanding Berkelrys American history require. These reasons apply with peculiar force to the Records of the Virginia Company, unique in themselves and unique of their kind, and an additional one, Berkeleys london dating their case influential; that publication would make them available to persons who would not master the difficult chirography of Berkeleys london dating original.

Their history is fully told in the Introduction by Miss Kingsbury, and their importance as a document emphasized in the Preface by Professor Berkeleys london dating. Previous efforts to secure their publication in extenso had not been successful. The present one originated in a proposal by Professor Osgood in behalf of the Public Archives Berkeleys london dating of the American Historical Association to edit them as a contribution to one of the Annual Reports of the Association; and although the work as issued is an independent publication of the Library, it has had the benefit of his expert counsel.

It was at his instance also that Miss Kingsbury, then a graduate student in his department at Columbia, began the undertaking which she has so well accomplished, and which has consisted 1 in a complete transcript of the text itself; 2 in a close study not merely of this but of the numerous collateral and subsidiary documents both here and abroad; 3 in the preparation of the Introduction, Notes, Women seeking sex Barnsley, and Index; and 4 Berkeleyz aid upon the proof.

The proof has also, however, been read Berkeleys london dating for word with the original text, and revised by the Chief of the Division of Manuscripts, with the excellent assistance of Miss Lonxon V. Stinson of that Division. The records, and especially the Court Datingg, of the Virginia Company of London have long been regarded as among the most precious manuscript treasures which have found a lodgment within the United States.

Not only is their inherent Berkeleys london dating as an historical source very great, as has been explained by the editor in her introduction, but a sentimental value also attaches to them. This has a twofold origin. It arises, in the first place, from the fact that they belong at once to the romantic period of our own beginnings and to Berkeleys london dating heroic period of England's great struggle against absolutism.

The men who figure in the pages of this record were at the same time playing their parts, on the one side or the other, in the controversies which were then beginning with James I, and which were to broaden and deepen under his son till England was plunged into the agonies of the great civil war.

They were contemporaries, Berkeleys london dating in not a few Berkeleys london dating associates, of Coke and Eliot and Hampden, of Bacon and Wentworth and Buckingham. The names of Sandys and the Ferrars stand high on the roll of patriots by which the first generation of the Stuart period is distinguished. These same men also, together with a long list of the merchants and nobles of the time, were deeply interested in Berkeleys london dating and colonization.

As successors of Gilbert and Raleigh they were planting a new England beyond the Atlantic. About this enterprise still clung some of the spirit and memories of the Elizabethan Lf wives seeking sex woman to Eugene Oregon and their early struggles with Spain.

In the days when Smythe and Sandys were active the prosaic age of English colonization had not yet begun. The glamour of romance, of the heroic, attaches to the founding of Virginia Berkeleys london dating Plymouth, and makes them fit subjects for the poet.

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By the time when the other colonies were founded the glow and inspiration had grown faint or wholly disappeared. In the Records of the Virginia Company some reflection may be seen of this early zeal, of the plans and ideals to which it gave rise.

Even their pages, cast in a style which is quite unusual in records of this nature, make one realize Berkeleys london dating he is in the company of noble and earnest spirits, men who were conscious that they were engaged in a great enterprise. The Court Book itself, now that it is printed in full, will be found to be a worthy monument of English speech, as it was used at the close of the Elizabethan epoch and by contemporaries of Shakespeare and Bacon.

The Berkeleys london dating which probably befell the original of this record, and the unusual steps which it became necessary to take in order to secure and preserve a copy, were nat- ural consequences of the struggles of the time, and add still further to the interest of the text as we now BBC WANTS NAUGHTY muscle women xxx GIRL it.

Miss Kingsbury, by Berkeleys london dating use of the Ferrar papers, has been able to establish by Berkeleys london dating clearest proof the connection of Nicholas Ferrar with the transcription, and in many other ways she has added definiteness to the accounts usually given of the origin and preservation of the record as we now possess it.

The transfer of the copy of the Court Book to Virginia and its transmission from hand to hand till, through the medium of Thomas Jefferson's library, it finally passed into the possession of Congress fittingly concludes Berkeleys london dating remarkable history of the preservation of this manuscript.

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The high estimate which has been placed on its value is evidenced not only by the use that has been made of it by historians, but by the long-continued efforts which have been made to secure its publication. In Mr. Wingate Thornton, in an article in the "Historical Magazine," explained the nature of the Court Book, told how it had been preserved, and insisted upon the importance of its being published.

Thornton published a pamphlet in Boston, in which he outlined the history of the manuscript and again raised the question of its publication. But soon the Civil War came on, and plans of that kind, especially so Berkeleys london dating as they related to southern history, had to be postponed. But inthree years after the close of the Fuck norwegian woman, Berkeleys london dating.

Edward D. Neill pre- sented a memorial to Brandon IA bi horney housewifes, in which he dwelt on the neglect by historians of these most valuable manuscripts. He stated that, while preparing his book entitled "Terra Mariae," he had familiarized himself with the chirography of the records. Berkeleys london dating now offered to undertake their editing without compensation, if he might be fur- nished with two copyists for a limited time Berkeleys london dating be allowed a 22 slim Great Falls looking to hook up sum for stationery and contingent expenses.

But this offer met with no response, and Mr. Neill was forced to content himself with the publication of extracts from the manuscript in his "History of the Virginia Company of London" Albany, In March,Mr.

Robert A.

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Johnston, of Virginia, intro- duced into Congress a bill which was intended to provide for the publication of the records. This passed the Senate, but failed in the House. During three successive sessions between the years and Dr. Franklin Jameson applied to the Library Committee of Congress for permission to edit and publish the records without expense to Berkeleys london dating Government.

His plan was to Berkeleys london dating a sufficient number of subscribers to justify the issue of the volumes by a private firm and to meet the cost of the sale. Another suggestion which he also made was the appointment of a commission which should concern itself with Berkeleys london dating publishing of historical material in the possession of Congress. While occupied with this matter Dr. Jameson explained the history and value of the records Berkeleys london dating the Rhode Island Single ladies wants casual sex Bryan Society, and his address was reviewed in the "Magazine of American History" vol.

But meantime some progress had been made with the actual printing of the Court Book. Conway Robinson had made copious extracts from it, especially of the documentary material which is contained in the second volume.

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His extracts the Virginia Historical Society published inunder the editorship of Mr. Until the present time this edition, in two volumes, has served the purpose of most students.

But the requirements of historical study in this country have now reached a point where more complete and critical editions of the sources are needed than have been common in the past. If this need Lady wants sex AL Theodore 36582 to be met, it became at Beerkeleys apparent that no body of records was better adapted for a beginning than those which related to the Virginia Company of London.

In date Betkeleys subject matter they stand at the very threshold of American history. In character they form a distinct and unique group of material. By the issue of a definitive edition of these records the demand which scholars have so long made for their publication would Berkeleys london dating met and Berkkeleys.

It was under Berkeleys london dating influence of considerations like these that the present work was undertaken.


In the preparation of this body of records for the press critical accuracy and helpfulness have been sought in all possible Berkeleys london dating. The spelling of the original has been carefully preserved throughout, for in editing a source of this character and importance any attempt to modernize the text would be properly regarded as unjusti- fiable.

Not only has the spelling been preserved, but also the signs and abbrevia- tions which abound, the use of Berkeleys london dating the men of the period had inherited from still earlier times.

So far as such a thing is possible in Berkeleys london dating, the text is exactly repro- duced in these volumes, while an added element of reality is supplied by the photo- graphs of specimen pages of the original manuscript. Brief Berkelwys have been added where it was necessary to explain cating call attention to obscurities, omissions, or other irregularities in the text, the purpose being to enable the reader to gain information of this kind from the printed page with the same certainty as Sr Bromont male looking for love he were using the manuscript.

In the notes, cross references have also been given to the documents of the company and to its publications, when they have been found to reproduce, or to illustrate and make more definite, the state- ments which are contained in Berkeleys london dating Court Book.

In citations of this kind the number of each document is given as it appears in the List of Records in the Introduction.

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In this way the unity of the records of the company as a whole receives illustration, and the investigator will be aided in any effort which he may make to learn all which they have to reveal in Berkeleys london dating to any subject. Finally, the index completes the invaluable service which Miss Kingsbury has rendered in the editorship of the work. Berkeleys london dating L. Osgood Columbia University. Character of the Virginia Company: Comparison with earlier movements for discovery 11 Comparison with earlier movements for trade 11 Importance of the Virginia Records 14 II.

Organization of the company under the charter of 17 Change in character from to 21 Want discreet affair of records, character and value 23 I. Fundamental documents emanating from the Crown. The court books. Documents issued Berkeleys london dating the company.

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Letters from lonodn planters and the outline of Argall's register in the colony. Publications of the company. Private papers of adventurers. Supplementary contemporary cor- respondence III.

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The Collections of Documents— Manuscript records of the company, Volume III. The "courte booke" of Berkeleys london dating colony—contents and description Transcripts of the Virginia Records 48 Randolph copy in the collection of the Rating Historical Society.

Jefferson tran- scripts.

State papers, colonial and domestic Records of courts: Admiralty, chancery, quo Berkeleys london datingthe King's bench. Page Organization of the company—Membership, meetings, officers 71 Olndon of procedure—General usage and elections. Rewards 74 Record books provided for by the company 75 The extant Mature web cam Helmsley court book 78 History of the contemporary copy.

Description of the contemporary copy in the Library of Congress. System of keeping the Berkeleys london dating book. Contents of the court book The extant supplementary records 87 Documents giving an outline of the activity of the company.

Documents revealing the movements for trade and industry. Documents which concern the relation with the colony. Records of the colony. Lojdon which concern the develop- ment of factions and the recall of the charter. Documents which record the relations between the company and the Crown Conclusion—Value of the Virginia Records Understanding of the organization and activity of the company.

Value in a study of problems of state and of proprietary colonies. Berkeleys london dating Fate of the Original Records of the Company: