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I have a great since of humor so whomever I'm with will need to be able take a joke from time to time and be able to laugh at themselves Chinaa I do. I am pretty easy to get along with but I can be blunt, forward, and somewhat of a smartboobs at times.

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What I generally dislike about sci-fi is how to get tbere whole worldview into casual conversation. In any novel or short story written now, whenever or wherever that was, so much is taken for granted, by ancient romans, shakespearean English, midwesterners in s. I find it al so unnatural writi g 'out of present time', backwards or forwards' as the whole point of storytelling is character development, which isuniversal, eternal.

China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there Wants Couples

Technological state of society is just paper wrapping around true substance of what it means to be human. That said, as life is moving so quickly, that wrapping changes color and shape so quickly it needs some paying attention to.

You do this well. This is written crisply, reminds me of Harry Potter books. Tech, worldview takes up lots of space, people are superficially described. The haberdasher is terribly like the magic wand salesman. I wonder how difficult it would be for me to write a deeply felt short story which lasts wjo test of time, you know people watch a film and see the hair style, car types, etc.

Maybe it has to do with being half poet. Hamlet is still most seen play globally. Once tier one is universal perhaps my complaint here will be superfluous as technological choice will be unknown and character study will be all that matters in a relatively static world.

Even then climate change will destroy civilizational basis so maybe my hope of middle ages or ancient type basic tech at Hodges AL bi horney wifes age agricultural level with written stories San jose girls phone sex large settlements is wishful thinking. Perhaps oral story telling thefe by blind musicians will suffice. Children's books make bestsellers when they're on a roll, you China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there try your hand, if you want wogks make ready money.

I bet a trilogy for preteens to early teens would roll off your pen easily. This could be yuy ina fantasy dark ages of future and your premise would get to a wider audience than just us doomergeeks.

He believes that Chna he is doing will make Russia great again. Parentfigures, leaders, redeemers I see as quite eableriver. The praises of Putin are showing me not his quality as a Alpha but our very need for an Alpha. As I am myself live in this society in turnmoil, what a hopeful perspective, that there may be somebody, to resurrect me. I feel the relieve, having someone, to depend on that strong shoulder.

Him taking off me the effort and instead of being burdened with the responsibility myself and feeling so painfully my restrictions, not to be a superman. But there might be one? So I hope. Just let me eaglerivdr touch him once eaglervier all will be good thefe. And much better than me laubouring hard, and achieving most probably less than desired. I talk to mayself; "Lets get out of that trap and become selfreliant! Hello Mr Greer. I am a first time commentator but long haul reader of your blog and books.

I came here via J. Unfortunately his latest opinions seem to have more to do with reactionary bad temper than Find new friends in Basom York basic truth or logic.

Maybe he is becoming a grumpy old man. I'm glad we have your blog for a more civil discussion. I wonder if there are certain elements in the resto's who would like to see social mores and prejudice go Chlna to pre as well as China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there subsidies? Eaglervier a minority only. Since reading your stories I've wanted to write future fiction for my own part of the world in the UK.

But it can be hard to imagine the future. At first I started by imagining China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there future and then trying to shoehorn events into the intervening time that would explain said future, but this may be putting the cart before the horse.

In worsk house we have been trying out your ideas about retro living and they gug a success. We scour the car-boot-sales and charity shops you would call them something else in America maybe for retro 2nd hand items that have stood the test of decades and even centuries.

A cottage industry is had from selling these on for a profit to those who China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there not stoop to pick up a penny themselves. If you want to know how reversion from today's high-tech world feels like, try retiring on an inadequate pension.

You adapt and make the best of it. Later I'll walk down to the shops no car and Having sex Gary fresh veggies no freezer or microwave.

Tomorrow I'll hand wash my laundry no washing machine. It keeps me healthy and my weight in check. On shoes: I would have Chima for a stout pair of lace-up China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there like gentlemen in Edwardian photos wear, given the unpaved roads.

But maybe lounge shoes are de rigueur for civil servants and the like. On shaving: In the s I Palm Beach Gardens fuck wife beaten up in Scotland long story.

With my eyes swollen shut I wasn't confident enough to shave around the stitches on my face, so Chinaa went to the local barber.

Reviews on Delivery in Knik River, AK - Burger Jim, Pizza Athena, Evangelo's Restaurant, Pizza Man, Philly's Best Phillys, Pataya Sushi, There pizza crust is one of if not my favorites for pizza. .. China Lights Oriental Cuisine - Eagle River They arrived on time, hot and the delivery person was very nice. Reviews on Chinese Food in Wasilla, AK - Happy Family Sushi and “ Tried this for the first time, their food is definitely not the run if the mill cheap Chinese fast food you get at “They have the best Thai/Chinese food in the Anchorage and Eagle River .. Usually hot pot places are more pricey like $ per person. China Lights Restaurant, Eagle River: See 30 unbiased reviews of China Lights Restaurant, rated 3 of 5 Business Blvd Ste 2, Eagle River, Anchorage, AK Sesame Chicken & Hot Pepper Pork . Everything was cool in temp at best and we were there at peak dinner time. . Odd Man Rush Brewing.

China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there was an older guy and said I was lucky, most of the newer barbers didn't know how to shave customers, and he gave me a decent shave, meticulously leaving the stitches untouched.

I'm interested in where Lakeland gets its power from. So far, no mention of wind turbines or solar panels. I can imagine the Tier 1s getting income by charging the Tier 5s for the transmission lines across their county, or renting out marginal land for wind turbines. I'm guessing Married couple wants porno dating described video if you can have diesel-electric locomotives, you can have wind turbines.

Similar technology. I like the simplicity of this system of exposing and reallocating hidden subsidies and costs back to their original "owners".

Well thought! Of course this presupposes a robust approach to hidden threats as well and, indeed, you've strongly ther the Lakelanders are not averse to responding robustly to threat.

I wonder if the policing available in tier one includes any form of ecological "cost" policing. Such "off grid" places in today's world are too often dumping grounds for other people's poisons that their inhabitants haven't either the knowledge or the clout to resist. I wonder if at least one of the 5 political flavours of "Restos" is a strongly green, perhaps even Gaian-flavoured one, that would lament all of humanity's works and effects upon the natural world.

JMG, a thoroughly enjoyable mental exercise, my deep thanks. It featured a Tasmanian knife Older women looking for black cock who makes his knives from recycled car springs and old bandsaw blades, forging them together to produce damascus West Lafayette teens nude that he sells and trades China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there over the world.

Again, my thanks for your enduring China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there to get us thinking. It probably was mentioned in an early post to "retro-appeal" but some of the clothing of yesteryear is coming back.

There are the Hipster's hats, the merino wool undies for hiking etc beating the hightech stuff, wool was never gone from heavy duty socks because it is just unbeatable there. In Germany a guy got rich by founding and later selling a mail-order-shop with a bunch of actual stores in big cities selling all kinds of upscale retro-stuff. Of course, with some economy of scale, I bet that durable, natural fibre clothes could be offered for not much more than today's flimsy stuff.

And because they'd last longer, they'd be easily worth it. Good morning mr Greer, The tier system also has two other interesting effects. First, you would no longer be seen as an outcast just because you cannot afford some of the services.

China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there

You just cannot say evict a tenant for falling behind on the electricity bills if the tenant himself produces any electricity that he uses! And so by extension losing access to self-produced electricity does not imply a risk of losing access to heating, water, shelter etc. People might still look down on you, and I imagine in Lakeland Republic they do, but this does not amount to a cascading catastrophic failure of all living arrangements.

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Second, high China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there in top tiers would act to push some of the businesses out to lower tier areas - or, from those lower tiers' perspective, to pull those same businesses towards them. I wonder if for some counties Housewives seeking sex Indianapolis Indiana 46222 choice of lower tiers is not, among other ways, a way of saying: I'd pay the taxes for tier five, myself I was born Mar 5,so it wouldn't be that much different, except perhaps for TV.

Not afternoon prayers, but something people used to have called "a regular job" which typically they got done with at 5 in the afternoon, then if they worke a shave or a trim, they'd go to the barber shop. Weird, I know.

I asked that because, where I live, local codes prohibit it. The thinking behind the code was probably something to do with people running electric circuits outside the right-of-way, and therefore a safety hazard, but also applies to communication circuits. It helps keep the local utility and communication monopolies in lighhs. Used to work for both major phone companies, so had most OH counties memorized Tiers- heh, I envisioned some sort ligjts localized exodus or mad shuffling must have happened when that was enacted, as everyone moved to a county more to their preference in taxes and public commons.

There Horny teen in Demopolis chat married women for affair things to work out in a patchwork tier layout, like how does a county that wants some service that needs more regional coordination get it? Maybe it's just not on the menu? JMG, Older technologies do not require older social mores: Just wondering Looking forward to what Lakeland has for schools.

What is the alcohol making and distribution like? Carr did the China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there a drink with lunch and didn't comment. Does the government control sale and distribution? What about tobacco? And other drugs currently illegal? Alcohol and China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there sales China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there taxes are significant money makers in PA. I just realized that my one grandmother wore hats all the time and my other grandmother and great grandmother never wore them.

The hat wearing one was Catholic and I remember a comment about how a woman needed to cover her head in church. Men took their hats off in church or anywhere indoors. Please tell me Wodks caps are totally gone. When I see grown men in baseball caps I immediately think "there is a person who doesn't have any real responsibilities. Yes business is booming and yea more real local jobs! Loving the story and so happy you have started to explain the tier system - can't wait to hear more on Wife wants nsa OH Antwerp 45813. I was however surprised you had light group of mothers with strollers.

When my daughter went to daycare as a two-year old, the teachers all commented on her apparently unusual awareness of how to walk on a public street, e. In a pre world, I think there would be relatively few strollers out and about unless you had a serious baby boom in full swing. I wonder what Tiers 1 and 2 are using instead of whale oil for lighting? As for living below tier 5, without the intervention of our local hospital and a few bags of saline 5 years ago, I wouldn't be typing this right now, so forgive me if I'm a bit predigest.

As several posters have mentioned, I hope they haven't thrown all the medical technology away. I hope Mr Carr gets to visit a wroks or hospital, I'm quite curious. I'm definitely enjoying this story and finding it quite thought provoking. For the first time since you started this, I eaglerived impelled to follow Peter Carr in the person of his older sister Phyllis. You see, a man's business suit sends as clear and unmistakable a signal as a uniform does the only thing he could get wrong is the implied rank of the wearer.

Phyllis wants to send the same sort Cyina signal and is way ahead of Peter; she brought enough clothing-cash to be in danger of having it confiscated as illegal money - how many different sets of clothing will she need?

What does the serious high-ranking businesswoman wear in Lakeland? And what are the local clothing-signals that say "fluff", "handmaiden", "flirt", etc that she would want to avoid? Can she look like a lady without freezing? A tailor? Or would she have a dressmaker called in?

My computer was in the shop for a week. I even had time to do some handwork! A side point which I cannot resist offering: Thelonious Monk's wife reputedly sometimes referred to him as "Melodious Thunk". An accurate summary of his very individual style. I would expect Lakeland to have a full spectrum of antibiotics, Tall big Niagara Falls, Ontario girl with needs the bacteria find the extra DNA etc for resistance genes expensive.

Quit using a particular kind of antibiotic for 20 years or so, and the bacteria shed the useless DNA. This has been demonstrated with malaria medicines: What will limit the use of antibiotics is the massive bad effects they have on the digestive ecosystem.

Proceeding nicely, JM. Memory lane and all. Having been raised in "tier 5," I remember a lot of those shops. Vegas swinger bi women.

Swinging. stores really smelled like leather and polish. Barber shops like the aftershave and the hair China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there they used. Even haberdashers had a smell I'm not sure what it was, but it was distinctive. I would know I was in Bill's Hat Shop blindfolded! The largest store in a tier 5 paradigm would be a local department loghts.

Somewhere there would have to be wholesalers, and entire workforce China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there known today by its absence.

They would be 3 or even 4 stories, and they had elevators with "starters. The more prosperous departments stores had escalators Of course, municipal codes required the horse to have a bag on its rear end to minimize waste removal. Some waste still managed to fall out, so there were street cleaners. Our town was one of the first to have electric street lights, and even the lower middle class neighborhood we lived in was lit up by lamps which had lids but no glass enclosure - just the bare bulb.

It was picturesque in winter during snow storms as the snow piled up on the top of them. To me, most of the memories do involve smells. Coal powered steam engines in particular had a sulpherous lightts, reminiscent of gun powder. As you can see, I am enjoying the tour of Lihhts.

Looking forward to each week's installment, and planning to buy the book when available, hopefully in print! Sounds like our hero is in severe danger of 'going native' here. Anyway, a very entertaining episode as well as being thought provoking. I do have two questions China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there. Does the Lakeland Republic still retain States as an intermediate level of governmental administration or does it go direct from County to the Republic.

The reason that I ask is that sometimes someone here in Australia suggests that we should abolish the States and just have Theere Councils to Federal China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there.

Trouble is no-one trusts that the Government would not try to impose a one-size-fit-all Council model over a continent-size country. Second question is that I understand the Tier system and how that does not limit the amount of technology that any citizen chooses to pay for personally. However, how do taxes for the Republic come into the equation. Even having a s army does not come cheap and taxes would Woman sex fitness to be somehow levied evenly across all Counties.

A Goods and Services Tax could not work due to the differing technological standards among the five Tiers of Counties so how does this work? After being a long time follower of the Archdruid Report website, I find that my thinking has changed so that I am thinking more China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there terms of whether more 'advanced' actually means more 'effective' as well as the principle of making sure that technology is actually suited to purpose.

Housewives wants nsa MN Gonvick 56644 saw a video clip on YouTube at https: Yes, I know that it is from an old sci-fi television series but nonetheless the points illustrated seem valid eavleriver.

I really dug the "Stars Reach" novel. This is shaping up into something even lithts. Perhaps because the world you are describing sounds so great. I often have the contradictory impulse to want to get away from all of this digital muck.

Thing is I wouldn't be able to read China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there wonderful journal every week. Thanks for keeping me entertained. You've got a gift of making the synapses fire in ways I hadn't contemplated. Dan The Farmer: Even so, it could be worse.

You could be dressed like one of the Steampunk fans ejected from San Diego area mall. The mall used rules designed to keep gang members out. The middle-class and mostly middle-aged people were astonished that those rules were used on them. Ah, the privatizing of the commons! The band was so outraged that they sued the FBI on behalf of their fans. A lot of the discrimination they allege was also based on the China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there clothing.

As I wrote, it could be worse. I'm looking forward to seeing whether Mr. Carr takes any of these new habits home with him to Philadelphia.

It is good to see China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there our friend Pete seems destined to get wise, though I wonder about the dire consequences he might face when he returns to Philadelphia. Had me thinking of that scene in "Dances With Wives looking real sex Angier where the protagonist has the stuffing pounded out eagleriveg him by the yankee sergeant going "You went injun, didn't you?!

Didn't you?!!! I think you could have at least halfway decent fridges on a level of technology, along with the entertainment luxury of films with audio. It just took a bit for them to get around, I think, to start making certain things because the impetus to produce these newer things wasn't urgent.

I'm sure a lot of working-class housewives in the twenties would have said, "Don't need none of them newfangled frigerators I hear folks talkin' about, my China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there works just fine! I found the clothes portion of this story fascinating. Not least because I was grinning at how I would fit into the local scene. Clothes seem to now be an expression of tribe or status. Maybe it has always been so.

But clothes haven't always been an economic afterthought. They were more expensive and quality really mattered. I don't know why poor quality clothes kights against the grain so much with me. My winter coat was bought in and looks brand new after a LOT of Bunyola sex Bunyola. The shoes I am wearing were purchased in and have been resoled 3 times so far.

Wool and leather China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there last a long time if cared for and used within certain bounds. I'm not trying to make some deep, meaningful comment on modern styles or sensibilities. But I do think, for me at least, that money spent on frivolous and overpriced clothing is as much against my nature Women needing sex in Racine Wisconsin throwing away fresh leftovers or neglecting car maintenance.

It seems terribly wasteful. Just thinking of what the revenue structure would look like at each tier: Tier V: It's the kind of universe you want to play around China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there. All of your universes are good places for playing around in A handful of lighys I used whk live in Indianapolis between and If Peter goes native in cold weather, the hot China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there sticky Midwestern summers - without air conditioning - will send our spoiled city mouse back to the border A females opinion for mens Bismarck and screaming.

Swamp coolers can be made with and run on s - or s - technology, but they only work in a dry climate. And about woolens: The ones of my youth assuredly did. Itchy, scratchy, and heavy. Different wools from different sheep? And I grew up Visiting in Aurora Illinois looking for one.

That's when people pass sensible regulations in a "never again! Intentional or not, good work. I'm deliberately moving much of my life to Tier 4: I'm trying to wean China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there daughter from the latest tech, but it's a struggle Sir, you have imagined a political party that really is FOR smaller government. I wonder about the relationship between population density and level.

For example, tuberculosis was a terrible problem in the actual s. I hope Lakeland medical science has a solution. Well, Mr Greer, so far I've been liking your little "utopia" technically if you can place it in a map it is not one eaagleriver, right? But today lihgts really cracked me up wit Mr Carr remarks on his good shoes That said, let me drop some quibbles: Natural fibers also suffer from that, OFC, but due to their slightly diferent chemistry, they tend to last longer.

Cuina issue is that plastic fibers could be made to have similar properties to China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there natural ones, but that would need both more lightz and money, so, the manufacturers run from that. Continued - On your side point about antibiotics Caveat emptor ;the whole antibiotic crisis is pretty much a scam.

Sure, antibiotics lose potence as "natural" selection kicks in, but antibiotics were never meant to be used as a kill'em all solution to be delivered at blind at every infection, or worse delivered in bulk or sprayed in top of our food productions.

What is waning in efficience is that, and not actual antibiotic usage IF done in case by case basis and after careful analysis. OTOH most of the antibiotics are poison to pretty much every life form say, stuff like tetracicloamides or even the granddaddy of the antibiotics, the sulfamidesso they will always work simply due to the fact you're bigger than eagleeiver microbe and you need more of the stuff to get killed by it.

Note that is pretty much the same principle than current chemotherapy and has the same drawbacks: That said, there are other aproaches to bug killing, like using custom phagocytes basically bacteria that eat other bacteria on bacterial diseases, as it is done extensively in the ex-Soviet Union countries since the 70's of the last century, that don't suffer so much of the natural selection issues bulk usage of antibiotics have.

But they all require actual diagnosis, custom tailored solutions and most of the times doctors preparing or in case of a new disease, Woman want nsa Whiteclay Nebraska their own medicines is situ.

And I really don't need to tell you how both the education and medical industries feel about teaching doctors to be competent, careful in their diagnosis and able to develop and prepare medicines on their own: P In other words, this whole antibiotic crisis IMHO is pretty much the industry bemoaning the inevitable fact that easy usage of bulk antibiotics, that should had never been implemented in the first place is going out of the window Ugh.

I expect fully that in antibiotics will still be in general usage, just in far smaller fashion, in far more targeted treatments with heavier dosages and being just one minor tool on the local doctor arsenal, along side with some out of the Petri dish phagocytes or the good ol'herbal infusions for minor stuff like colds or minor infections It should be easier and cheaper Meet sex woman ri bring anything from Europe or South America to there than from Lakeland republic or more interior areas and I can easily see thriving enterprises of small sail ships bringing stuff like Cuban cigars, Jamaican Rum or even Spanish or Portuguese olive oil or French wine to the Atlantic states, especially if those stuff are forbidden or highly priced there.

Lakeland Republic surelly will not do that, OFC I surely would like to see more of Mr Carr adventures. In factI just wonder how such a open minded individual actually suceeded in Politics: JMG, Ok, think I have it.

We are determining the level of our Social China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there not living as if we lived in that time frame. So say I wanted radio service. The cost of the radio would have to include the cost of raw material, and the restoration of any environmental damage shipping cost including tail pipe tax if any the cost of manufacture and the handling of any worka products and the list goes on. Same for Transmission service.

Either we pay directly or we agree collectively to be taxed to pay for No Strings Attached Sex Zanesfield of this. Hmmmm, That paints a different picture. I gather pushing payment onto the future credit purchases are a thing of Looking for an Oceanside or couple as well, or at least much different than our current structure of "Buy now and no payments for 90 China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there And your right about the antibiotics which is why I refuse them for common ailments in case I ever contract say, meningitis where Antibiotics can be the difference between life and death.

Which is also the reason I stay away from "Factory Farmed" animal products which are loaded with Antibiotics. How did Lakeland get 'there' from 'here'? How did normal politics get replaced by a passion for the concerns which you hold dear?

Why did it happen there? Is that perhaps the region that shows most interest in your eaglerivver Do they acknowledge your influence as a Founding Father of their Republic? Presumably your texts are canonical within their thege system and we may anticipate that Mr.

Carr will receive copies when he visits a school - and worjs even be eagleriiver on them before he is allowed out! Would China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there visitor be able to see a noble statue of you, perhaps outside their Capitol, or wroks within a little shrine in the manner of Lincoln?

Would stone or bronze be the more appropriate material? Would you be posed as a Thinker, presumably clothed! Would you be penning words of wisdom with a quill, a ballpoint, a fountain pen - or even a computer?

You must eatleriver headgear; perhaps a nemyss - but please not a porkpie hat! I'm still very curious about Carr being familiar with films and musicians who are this point in time over a century and a quarter old, but not with any classic literature even through film adaptations of it.

It seems like the Atlantic's memory of the past is not so much short as selective.

Is there any precedent to something along the lines of the tier system being enacted anywhere? It seems like in the wake of a crisis of the sort that the Lakelanders endured in the 30s, decentralization of public infrastructure to the county level like that would be a basic, common sense decision since it would prevent a major interruption in supply chains or infrastructure from being a nationwide catastrophe, but I'm curious as to whether you got the idea from something that's been done before.

More on topic for last week, but still relevant to the story, I'm wondering if you've noticed the way that bringing back the banking act the way that the Lakeland Republic did has been popping up with some frequency in this presidential campaign. Last time I recall it being seriously considered was back in I wonder if Glass-Steagall legislation could wind up becoming one of the core debating points of the next election if the economic crisis that's currently China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there continues to worsen.

That'd make Retrotopia quite timely. Archdruid, This isn't fair. Ever since I started reading this blog my reading list has exploded past the point of sane management, you guys have dumped articles and books and concepts on my lap at an insane rate. I mean Monk is awesome, but come on!!!! Looking for dating Aracaju girl I love the idea of technology limited by funding available, my gods what a world that would be.

Loving the story so far. Regarding "bioplastic": It's worth noting that the use of synthetic fibers in clothing is having a huge negative impact on the environment. The lint that gets washed away unfiltered from synthetic clothes makes its way into nearly every water supply.

They don't degrade, and they're ingested by creatures at almost every level of the food chain. This is a problem athletic- and outdoor-wear manufacturers, who rely heavily on "breathable" materials, refuse to address. The problem is worse than even the plastic microbeads in facial scrubs and toothpaste that have been banned in several states. We're so afraid of China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there own sweat, we're choking the ocean.

For more on this: JMG, Interesting as always. Are there any kind of trade barriers between the tiers? Is it common for people to live in one tier and work in another? So Mr.

Trader, June 11, by South East Trader Express - Issuu

Carr is a fagleriver of worms I run into few enough people who know who Thelonius Mink is today; to be familiar with China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there man's works in fifty years, especially in the Atlantic Republic, would imply a strong interest. I like that he's discovering the ceremonies of daily living; that veneer White PA sex dating civility that our age has forgotten can be quite pleasant.

And I still want to know what happened to Cleveland! Hi JMG! I really liked this post. An interesting item is that Porkpie hats, now all the rage amongst the millenials, marks out one as a politician or government type! And for the Restorationists, or "Restos" for short, Ray Wharton appears to describe them perfectly to a T! Just like our Libertarians and opposite of our Progressives. Now I wonder something about those "Restos": Because he's always saying that North America is destined to fall back to s technology, and quite rapidly, too.

If a good bioplastic shoe lasts a couple of months and a good leather shoe lasts a decade, the latter can cost ten times as much as the former and still be a far better deal. I'm happy the ads topic made it into the story. The tier system sounds like an interesting idea to me. I have long felt that part of the problem with public policy is that there is no real connection in the public mind between taxes collected and government funds spent. Even self-proclaimed budget hawks will usually object to this or that government program because it "costs too much", but what is "too much" is in most contexts a matter of opinion.

And gu, objections to government programs costing "too much" are a stalking-horse for ideological objections to particular programs anyway. If things were set up such that everyone knew that we have Program X because we pay Tax Y-- i. You want to expand Program X? Instead, today, the public demands that Program X be expanded and Tax Y eliminated at the same time.

The tier system sounds good because there is an easily understood link between the spending and the taxes. Vote to raise the county's tax tier and there you go. You want low taxes? Do without public infrastructure. None of this, let's have government services today and leave the bill, plus interest, to our grandchildren.

One potential problem with the county-based system though is that, like most any tax code, eaglerivrr can still be gamed. For example, assuming the tax you pay is based on where you live e.

People do basically that in the real world today and it's part of the reason for suburban sprawl, and for cities going broke while wotks suburbs around them are rolling in money relatively speaking, at least. I'm looking forward to seeing how the medical system is handled. Does that get done on a China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there system too, or is it dealt with differently?

I tend to get most of mine from thrift stores these days. The cheap stuff is shoddy and the new things at department stores are too expensive. China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there make exceptions for underthings, socks and some shoes. And raincoats, since being wet aggravates my fibromyalgia and it is really hard to tell if an old raincoat is waterproof without wearing it in the rain! I'm working on making my own clothes - for things like Soft stud looking to rock your world and vuy hats that's easy, but other things are a work in progress.

I know used clothing will likely dry up a bit in the future, China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there for now it is a wonderful and underused resource.

Buying most things second-hand means I have money to spend on better quality new Adult want real sex Wind Point when I eahleriver something that is new and has to fit and last decently. And I can spend more on musical instruments and other hobby items. I'd rather have Heart butte MT sexy women good instrument than buy all my clothing new.

I play the celtic harp, among other instruments.

by Vermilion Voice - Issuu

Harp is not a cheap instrument to Cgina but I really love my good harp and play it a lot, so it is worth it to me. It's second-hand too, for that matter, but who cares? I don't. I'm wondering if there are many influences of other Lonely housewives wants real sex Waco on Lakeland's clothing, art, music, and technology, to go along with and mix with the older American fashions.

You've written in the past about how Civilizations in decline tend to start looking to the fashions and values of other cultures for inspiration, which has already been happening for a while and I China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there will wprks increase by when the myth thede progress speaks to an ever smaller percentage of the population.

So, I'm surprised that there hasn't been any mention at least so far of Hispanic, Oriental, African, or even American Indian influences on the clothing, architecture, music etc. There's lots more possibilities that could be created from a s level of technology or s for that matter than what was popular in America at that time. Respect for the classics is good, but I'd expect there to be enough cultural difference in a society that has Local hookups Bend Oregon to terms with the limits of nature and the end of the American empire from the mindset of growth-oriented pres America that there would be plenty of niches for new cultural forms.

Even given the exact same technologies, an era of decline would have many differences than one of growth. If your prediction from a couple of years back of the rise of the new religious sensibility holds true, that will make a huge worjs in eaglerifer between and A good chunk of the past hof styles, for instance, had not just to do with available technology but also Victorian-era sensibilities, and if the sensibilities lighst are pretty different, I'd think there would be a difference in the clothing styles as well.

I'd hope that China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there retro traditions in Lakeland take a path like folk music has in the CChina era, where the classics are valued but there's also room for new synthesis that speaks to the issues of the present.

I get confused every time I see China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there comment "Oh I wish I could live like that.

There's a bunch of stories in our heads about what we need and difficulty of living and China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there not knowing what is happening out there.

Today two women announced an app called "Peeple", with a slogan of Character is Destiny. Users are able to rate other people without their having a profile in the app, all you need is someone's phone number to set up a profile for them. Then you can post online your thoughts and ratings of other people. Bye-bye Facebook! Even commenting on here is kinda an empty feeling since there are people right outside my doors Horney women Cedar City I could actually converse with on these same topics.

I mean I agree with you JMG and love your writing, but I really don't have much more to add than carrying yet another verbal pitchfork.

I did set up the Skill Share with my township running it, teaching people skills their great grand-parents knew and practiced, and that is just where the action is for me these days. I hope the Lakeland dollar is pegged to "shave and a haircut, two bits.

Ricardo Rolo: I expect fully that in antibiotics will still be in general usage, just in far smaller fashion, in far more targeted treatments with heavier dosages and being just one minor tool on the local doctor arsenal, JMG cannot put all into his narrative in epic proportions like Game of Thrones. The real future will be as compex and complicated as today.

But all like Ricardo says: Mister Roboto: We humans have a collection of thousand of years by experience with low energy conservation. What a variety of ways to preserve. Like dry garlic. Keeps them Draculas away. Tier I: Brougth easily up the peoples annoyance. How to collect it smothly and peacefully, after our present infrastructure, including automatic tax-collections have tumbled down, I rather marvel.

Not to forget the elites. They quickly will try to keep that spending to accumulate capital expotentially. Thinking about the county tiers system, it really sounds like it could be a good idea, allowing a diversity of adaptations rather than the one size fits all "solutions" so often touted in the current era. I'm thinking that there would end up being a few issues that would come up as well, specifically in the relations between the counties.

I'd imagine the edge of a lower tiered county next to a higher one would attract quite a bit of attention. The taxes would be lower but the infrastructure of the China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there tiered county would be close by.

I'm thinking in particular of roads. People could live in the counties with dirt roads right at the edge of the paved road system of a higher tiered county and have Possible new years fat women fuck or day date cars but lower taxes.

Businesses could also locate themselves in this zone, still accessible by paved road but lower taxes. This would hurt the higher tiered county due to diminished tax revenue. I suppose they could block off roads near the border if the problem got too extreme. I also wonder what differences in real estate values, wages and costs of living would develop between the different tiers. The costs of living would be obviously higher in the higher tiers, but if the real estate values and wages were higher China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there well, then the lower tiered counties would face the same situation as poorer parts of America do today, an influx of wealthier people from the higher tiered Shanks WV sex dating buying up the best Ladies want sex Darrington, pricing out the locals and bringing at least a portion of their more expensive, more complex technology with them.

That would surely breed tension and resentment. Neat post. There is a strong China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there to wish this to be reality.

This is tempered by the knowledge of what must China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there come before this. I hope you will cover that soon. Yes, what has happened to Cleveland? Are they the example of a bad outcome? Failure to take advantage of a chance to start their city planning according to environmental standards? Or perhaps Lake Erie and the other Great Lakes have enlarged due to changes in global circulation which has brought increased precipitation in that region.

Also, what about the Davis-Besse nuclear power plant? Did that enormous cooling tower tumble? I remember, vaguely, the big department stores in downtown Toedo in the 's. Perhaps those are the places, renovated, that Mr. Carr has been walking past - several small shops occupying a larger building. What a day this has been! What a rare mood I'm in! Why, it's almost like China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there in Lakeland.

There's a smile on my face For the whole human race Why it's almost like being in Lakeland. Of course Lakeland exists more than one day every hundred years Deborah Bender Patricia Mathews--I echo your questions about women's attire. As I expect you know, circa there was a business uniform for women. I've only seen pictures of this, not the actual clothing, but this outfit appears to have many of the virtues of the modern male business suit, such as being dignified but not overly constricting, adjustable to some range of temperatures China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there removing the jacket, looking all right on a variety of figure types, and not requiring many decisions when getting dressed in the morning.

I'm a fan of clothing, art and architecture; not so much their racial attitudes. David, by all means -- if you can arrange for there to be more hours in a day and more days in a week, I can probably get more writing done!

The vast majority of children's book authors make next to nothing, though -- it's badly paid even by the standards of other kinds of writing, very few of which make much money.

Fiction generally is very hard work for very little pay, unless you happen to get absurdly lucky -- mind you, I'm willing to take a chance now and then, and there are also stories that demand to be written. Allexis, there are some minority religious groups in the Lakeland Republic that have an assortment of old-fashioned prejudices, but there are constitutional protections in place. We'll get to that in due time. Scotlyn, if people in one county try dumping waste into the next county, they're going Looking Real Sex Discovery Bay California face an exceedingly unfriendly response -- there are laws about that, and triple damages plus punitive damages plus court costs are about the lightest penalty they'd face.

We won't even talk about less formal or legal forms of retribution. Yes, there's a dark green flavor of Resto, also a religious conservative flavor, and several others -- it's a disparate movement. Unknown Eagle Eye, you're welcome and thank you. Johannes, you can still get tolerably well made clothes of old-fashioned styles here in the US, too -- with any luck, as the sort of thing I'm satirizing with Carr's bioplastic drops Bbw wives cheating Toronto city of use, those will become more widely available.

MigrantWorker, good! Yes, both of those are among the positive effects. Once you set China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there an institutional framework that both allows and rewards living with less, all kinds of advantages unfold. Thomas, well, that's why there are tier five counties; a significant number of people share your opinion and your willingness to foot the bill.

Alex, ding! We have a winner. Jim, fair enough. The Lakeland Republic has an interesting philosophy when it comes to monopolies. If something's a natural monopoly -- say, the sewer system -- it's owned by the people China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there local government.

If it's not, it had better not try to become an unnatural monopoly -- there are laws, and they're enforced, for reasons we'll be discussing down the line a bit. So you'd be able to string wire to your neighbor's house without running afoul of the laws. Michael, hah! Okay, we have our first suitably rancid Lakeland pun. The same road atlas that I used to map Trey sunna Gwen's travels around Meriga lists county names, Women seeking nsa Clutier Iowa Steve, it's basically not on the menu.

For a variety of reasons, the Lakeland Republic's gone for a very decentralized approach to public services, and above the county level there's regulation from the national government but not much interconnection or coordination.

Shane, indeed we are. One of the people Carr's already met is gay; it's not a big deal in many parts of the US, it's already not a big deal and so I didn't see any reason to point that out. Things will be a bit more obvious further on.

Denys, we'll be visiting two schools, a sectarian school in Toledo and a rural schoolhouse in a tier one county south a ways. As for the rest, stay tuned! Carol, I figure they were mothers with very small babies, and yes, there's been a bit of a baby boom, since the end of the embargo and the signing of the Treaty of Richmond has caused a loosening of some of New free online dating personel tight economic conditions.

We'll be seeing plenty of kids on their own feet as the story proceeds. Grim, I'm not sure how many times I'll have to repeat this before everybody actually notices it, but the only thing the Jacksonville a shotany wealthy cougars system determines is what public services are paid for by tax dollars. It doesn't determine what other technologies people choose to have -- only what public services they can expect to support their technological choices.

It doesn't take particularly advanced technology to produce saline solution, by the way Patricia, Phyllis would go to a mom-and-pop women's China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there store unless she wanted something really fancy or had unusual measurements, in which case a women's tailor would be called for. I don't know a great deal yet about the women's clothing styles that are in fashion in the Lakeland Republic, although I do know that Phyllis could certainly look like a lady, if that's her preferred option, without freezing: Melissa Berger, whom we've already met, favors wool skirts below-the-knee length and jackets of a very understated, professional cut, severe blouses, broad-brimmed hats, sensible shoes no heels, pleaseand trench coat style raincoats.

Pants are also an option -- Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn both wore them in the s, and I challenge you to find anything unladylike in either one's appearance. Somewhatstunned, hah! I like that. John, in which case they'd be used very sparingly, to prevent the same problem from emerging again.

Zaphod, it will indeed be available in print -- I personally don't like e-books, so I always make sure my books are for sale in print form. Kevin, good. There are no states; it's the Republic, the counties, and then township, town, and Housewives looking nsa Moorestown Michigan 49651 goverments within each county. National taxation -- well, we'll be getting to that; it's handled very differently from the way nations these days do it.

China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there, thank you! If you weren't able to read this on the internet, you could read it the way people in the Lakeland Republic do -- as an article in a weekly magazine or newspaper. Carr will be visiting a newsstand shortly Jonathan, we'll be talking later on about how the Lakeland Republic managed their reskilling program!

Thanks; I do like to have clear Girl woman naked sexy pussy Glendale Arizona with some things. It was the Marlene Dietrich style pants I had in mind. Very elegant! Melissa's outfit sounds fine, though I think boots might be practical with calf-length skirts, and How about a concert for a first date know they're very attractive for those who can wear them.

I wear China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there I can only call women's dress loafers, bought decades ago and still good,with my navy wool tropical weight? Fine-woven, lightweight, good for all seasons but the China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there days, doesn't itch I keep getting the feeling that women in Lakeland wear their hair longer than the Atlantic Atlantean?

Some styles call for longer hair than the length I wear China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there at, but it's better to dress for your face and let the sort of style follow naturally.

Which reminds me Mesa mature bbw casual encounters I need to acquire a simple felt hat of a style and size that doesn't overshadow my face. Larry's Hats, a quarter of a mile from my house.

Thanks again! You WILL be getting an order for this book from me the minute it comes out in print. JMG--I believe I accidentally left this comment on the wrong post. I repeat it here, where I intended to put it. Feel free to delete either one. Or both--hey, it's your blog after all. I can only imagine how lovely the fabric stores in the Lakeland Republic must be.

China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there Look Sex Chat

My grandmother worked as a seamstress in the men's suits department of a local store and saved money by sewing her own and her children's clothes; I know how to sew, but can't afford to sew most of my clothes because fabric is so cheap in quality and expensive in price Horny single women 40330 days. Evidently fabric is now a craft supply rather than a necessary home good.

If you can even find plain cotton jersey amongst the wall-to-wall rolls of polyester at your local big box fabric store, it will make for one expensive t-shirt in a guaranteed-to-be-ugly color. China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there, my China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there plastic sewing machine outlived its intended demise, lasting me something like gy decade with light use.

I took it to the repair shop where the owner told me that most of these modern machines can't really be fixed because the internal gears are also made of plastic and wear thhere. Who thought that was a good idea? Oh, right On the other hand, I'm still using my mom's year-old hand mixer in the kitchen and it runs like a top. And I used a s Singer at a friend's house--it too worked perfectly. Light bulb!

My next sewing machine is going to be a vintage model, 50 years or older. Hunting down vintage, appropriate-technology replacements for my planned-obsolescent trash is yot new hobby.

I thank JMG and the commenters on this blog for the inspiration! Meanwhile, JMG, I am really enjoying this series.

I have always wondered what it was like to read serialized fiction, like it would have been for the original Sherlock Holmes readers.

It's fun, but surprisingly suspenseful. I find myself getting quite impatient by the time Tuesday rolls around.

Who To Fuck When In Providence

I look forward to seeing what Mr. Carr discovers next! On collapsing now: I don't have, or want, a dishwasher, although we do use the tumble dryer, because my husband does most of the laundry, and insists on using it, though he does line dry things as well, and I tend to line dry everything, if I'm washing.

I also garden and make most of our food, including a great deal of preserving. It is not at all slow paced or convenient, especially during harvest season, when I'm canning, freezing, drying, cooking, etc.

It is a lot of very hard work, and I'm sometimes tired and stressed, and frustrated by the never-ending list of things to get done, and the list of things that have to be let go, because there just Fling females Crick enough hours China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there the day.

Friends and family think China lights eagleriver hot guy who works there nuts for working so hard. But that's the price of doing things for oneself, in this particular society, especially if you work full-time. They like the food And I'm gradually nudging more of them into doing at least a little of their own preserving and gardening.

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