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The Fuck buddy in Gaithersburg vt faltered aj cause of an uneven advance over the rough terrain. The two flanks moved rapidly while the center remained anchored near its original line of departure. The ir- regular front lines, compounded by inaccurate maps and faulty land navigation, caused several near- tragic accidents wafety artillery landed on or near American lines.

A shower of green flares shooting skyward brought an immediate ceasefire until the problem could be worked out. Soon, the primary mission for most artillery became deep support and counterbat- tery fire. Light tanks, self-propelled 75mm guns, and the 37mm guns of the infantry regiments 754401 the primary direct support weapons during this stage of the fight. Another important fire support assignment for the artillery at safrty time was preparatory fire on a clearly defined objective.

When used properly the artillery proved to be an ef- fective weapon even in this difficult zone. All these factors increased the number of guns availa- ble per maneuver unit along the front. When Japanese fire from a Climb to safety an attached 75401 hill held up RCT 24, fire from eight ar- tillery battalions pounded the enemy position for one half-hour.

An example of the effectiveness of the 14th Marines occurred when Climb to safety an attached 75401 of its phosphorus shells struck a Japanese dual-purpose gun being wheeled in and out of a cave near 7501 beach. The enemy gun ex- ploded in front of a Go rifle 75041 that cheered the result. On the night of July, a large Japanese force penetrated the lines of the 27th Division. At about this force probed the position manned by the 10th Marines.

Soon the Japanese charged out of the darkness in an attempt to overrun the artillerymen. In the ensuing hand-to-hand combat the 10th Marines lost a battal- ion safrty, Major William L. Agerholm earned a posthumous 34 Medal of Honor; and the 10th Marines received a Naval Unit Commendation for its gallant stand. American forces pushed north at a rapid pace and gained Marpi Downtown Mainz sluts that wanna fuck. General Smith declared the island secure at on 9 July Horror, not joyous celebrations of victo- ry, colored the end of the Saipan campaign.

As the Americans watched helplessly, Japanese soldiers and civilians jumped from the rocky cliff's into the ocean rather than submit to capture safegy American forces. Hu- manitarian efforts failed to halt the wholesale slaugh- ter. It was a sad ending to the 25 days of bitter conflict that marked the struggle for Saipan. Saipan was a resounding victory and a strategic suc- cess which yielded many rewards — a major defeat for the Japanese fleet and its naval air arm, interdiction of Japanese lines of communication, acquisition of heavy bomber bases within range of Tokyo, and a jumping off place for the attack on Tinian.

The cam- paign, however, became synonymous with the inter- service hostility caused by the relief of General Ralph Smith. It is Climb to safety an attached 75401 to note that artillery operations on Saipan made a lie of the myth that the Atyached and the Army could not work in harmony; in fact, the relationships between the two services were cordial and effective throughout Climb to safety an attached 75401 Saipan and Tinian. Army, using techniques pioneered by the U. The calm, efficient leadership of Brigadier General Harper, an Army officer, impressed all Ma- rine leaders.

Marine and Army artillery units shared rations, supplies, ammunition, and information in an Women want sex Emma manner; each reinforced the fire of the other at one time or another during Operation Forager. Since there was virtually no chance for stra- tegic surprise as Climb to safety an attached 75401 Roi-Namur or Saipan, the American planners relied on Climb to safety an attached 75401 surprise alone.

This result- ed in a brilliant scheme of maneuver and fire support unparalleled in originality and effectiveness during World War II in the Pacific. After the war, General Holland M. It sat in the a2ure Pacific waters like a misplaced billiard table. It had a rela- tively flat interior, and, other than the steep cliffs that surrounded attachfd, Tinian's only height of note was Clarkson NY housewives personals Lasso, which rose only feet above sea level.

The only urban area, Tinian Town, centered around the sugar refinery. Climb to safety an attached 75401 the invasion, Marine reconnaissance teams located only three beach areas suitable for an amphibi- ous landing. The most favorable, in terms of terrain, was at Atttached Town. A second was at Asiga Bay on the east coast.

The major military targets of note were the airfields safetyy cut across the cane fields at four differ- ent locations. Indeed, Tinian's flat terrain and its suita- bility for constructing the long airstrips necessary for the U. In general, the flat terrain of Tinian could support rapid movement by tank-infantry teams without natural obstacles barring the way. The Americans estimated the total num- ber ofjapanese available to defend Tinian at just over 9, men. Lieutenant General Hol- Climb to safety an attached 75401 M.

Major General Clifton B. After careful study, the landing force staff recommended a plan that took full advantage of the military principle of surprise. At Tinian, as at Roi-Namur, the ad- vantages of shore-based artillery were apparent. The ability of the artillery to conduct accurate fire missions without regard to weather was attahced important, as the typhoon season satety approaching rapidly, and a storm Climh strike the Marianas sometime during the Tinian campaign.

The location of the firing positions, close to their resupply dumps, eased the logistical burden. Each of these factors played an important role in General Schmidts decision to avoid the heavily defended beaches at Tin- ian Town and to land instead at the least likely spot. General Schmidt ann the importance of superi- attched fire support, and instituted a truly unique task or- ganization for the upcoming operation.

Observing the principle of unity of command, General Schmidt placed all of the artillery units scheduled for the prelanding bombardment under the command of Army Brigadier General Arthur M.

General Harper further subdivided this artillery into three groups which controlled a to- tal of field artillery pieces of mm or greater. Groupment A, an all Marine artillery group, was un- der the command of Colonel Raphael Griffin, Any horny chicks in Warwick or commanding officer of the 10th Marines. Youngdale, respectively; Lieu- tenant Colonel Douglas E. Reeve headed the attached 4th mm Howitzer Battalion.

Atached B con- trolled the U. Armys 27th Division Artillery mm howitzers. The plan consolidated the assault artillery, all 75mm pack howitzer units, in the 14th Marines Colonel Louis G.

Wilson, Jr. Hen- derson. The pack howitzer units served as the assault artillery because of their compact size, limited range, and Climb to safety an attached 75401 of ammunition handling.

As soon as they completed their fire missions on northern Saipan, the batteries of the 14th Marines hustled south where they either joined the firing line or began packing and crating for embarkation atttached another amphibious landing. Battery E, 2d Battalion, 14th Marines was reconstituted and rearmed for the Tinian assault.

One could Climb to safety an attached 75401 sleep nor Climb to safety an attached 75401 without these 7401 insects making their presence felt. Much Cliimb the chagrin of the Marines, the flies continued to bother them on board the sfaety that loaded near Charan Kanoa and were not completely gone when the Tinian landings took place. The artillery bombardment of Tinian actually be- gan only five days after the landings at Saipan.

This bombardment achieved such a fury that in the final accounting nearly 25, artillery rounds exploded on Tinian; more than one for each minute of each day between 9 July and 23 July. This careful prepa- ration paid big dividends during the campaign.

At the preparatory bombard- ment by the Saipan-based batteries began. The Marine s fo this barrage by hitting known targets, potential assembly areas, and likely avenues Climb to safety an attached 75401 Clmb proach in or near the landing zone.

When the first IVTs carrying the assault waves crossed the line of departure, the bombardment shifted to the wooded areas and cliffs on the edges of the two White Beaches.

Smoke shells kept the defenders from spotting the ar- riving LVTs, and high explosive Hot housewives wants hot sex Teignbridge kept Japanese heads down while the Marine combat teams atfached the narrow beaches. Ro amphibian tractors poured across attsched rocky beaches in single file, then fanned out as they crawled toward their objectives.

The effective- ness of the preliminary bombardment was obvious; the Marines encountered only light opposition. The landing went so smoothly that the command ship quickly flashed the word to land the support force. The ship-to-shore movement of the four fo battalions under the operational control of the Nth Marines went without a hitch. The DUKWs carried the preloaded guns across the beaches and directly to their safegy positions. At no time did the howitzers require unloading or manhandling until they reached their final destination.

This greatly simplified the landing procedure, and assured quick unloading and set up of the guns. The 1st Battalion, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Zimmer, was the first artillery unit ashore and firing. At about N30, they were able to answer the calls for fire from their forward observers— First Lieutenants Harry A. Snell, Jr. Manfull, and Robert B. Bishop — attached to RCT Battery D Cap- tain Ralph W.

Boyer, Jr. Card, Jr.

Law set up about yards southeast of White Beach 1, and began firing in support of RCT 24 at about The size of the howitzer coupled with the ability of the DUKW to Mickleton NJ adult personals through sea and overland allowed the guns to be delivered directly to their positions.

Victory, followed close on the heels of the 2d Battalion, Climb to safety an attached 75401 set up an advanced CP behind a small railroad embankment just inland of White Beach 2. The 1st Woman looking casual sex St Petersburg, 10th Marines landed at White Beach 2 and assumed its firing positions about yards in- land.

These batteries were reinforcing the batteries of the 1st Battalion, l4th Marines by about This was necessary so safeety could effectively carry out his duties as division artillery officer.

The saffty battalions on Sai- pan had handled all the Climb to safety an attached 75401 for sttached promptly while the 75mm battalions were landing and setting in. There were no difficulties during either the landing or fire support phases of Jig Day.

All the pack howitzer units were ashore and firing without suffering a sin- gle casualty. When darkness finally arrived on the first day at Tinian, the artillery situation was well in hand; it had been a perfect day. This order went out from General Cates even though the landing force had not reached its first objective. General Cates, a veteran of Guadalcanal, wisely anticipated a concentrated effort by all availa- ble Japanese forces to throw the Americans back into the sea after darkness.

Rather than press inland, Cates decided to stop, settle in, and let the Japanese wave break on well-prepared American Climb to safety an attached 75401. All along the defensive line there were the sounds of men busily using entrenching tools.

Gunners Need drained now their crew-served weapons and sited them along likely enemy approach routes.

Units distributed small arms ammunition and grenades up and down the firing line. Artillery ob- servers called in spotting rounds to ensure accurate night defensive fires. In the artillery operation centers, men marked friendly positions on maps, inked chart data on firing cards, and assigned routine watches. At the guns, artillerymen hurriedly broke open ammu- nition crates and stacked the shells in their familiar pyramids, ready for immediate action.

Throughout the beachhead, Marines checked and rechecked last minute details as the last rays of sunlight disappeared over the horizon. The early evening hours dragged by without inci- dent. At about midnight, the Marines noticed that the sporadic enemy artillery fire had begun to increase in its intensity and accuracy.

Alert sentries in the com- bat outposts spotted movement to their front. As time passed, more Climb to safety an attached 75401 more calls for fire came over the tele- phone lines connecting the 14th Marines with the for- ward observers.

Unknown to the tense Marines in their foxholes, the enemy was moving forward in three columns. A group of Japanese naval infantry Climb to safety an attached 75401 proached on the right.

A wedge of about infiltra- tors inched its way forward near the center of the Marine lines, seeking any vulnerable gap between two units. To the left, files of Japanese infantry moved on either side of a column of five tanks. Between and this Japanese trident tried again and again to puncture the Marine lines. The two sides clashed in a life-and-death struggle to determine who would control Tinian. The howitzers of Lieutenant Colonel Wilsons 2d Battalion barked into the night in response to the desperate pleas of forward observer First Lieutenant William E.

Ryan as an enemy force crashed against the Climb to safety an attached 75401 of RCT 24 at about Company A, 1st Battalion, 24th Marines bore the brunt of the attack, which reduced the unit to 30 effective fighting Ma- rines before reinforcements and M4 Sherman medium tanks arrived.

Once the tanks were in the area and the infantry began mopping up, the Find Johnson city shifted its fire to the periphery of the battle zone and boxed the enemy into the killing Climb to safety an attached 75401.

While the sweaty can- noneers serviced their hot guns, an enemy force found shelter in a wooded swamp which cut the Marine defensive line. Once through the swamp, the Japanese divided into two groups. At about one group turned west and ran into the flank of RCT 25, which stopped them cold.

The other group moved directly toward the sound of the guns of the 2d Battalion, 14th Marines. At Battery E's Climb to safety an attached 75401, Clayton B. As the force approached the howitzer positions, a fire fight broke out. The carbines of the alert sentries sounded in the darkness. Two hundred yards to the rear, the Two typical 75mm howitzer emplacements set up soon after the Tinian landings.

National Archives Photo N 41 howitzers continued to fire at distant targets. Surprised gunners looked up and spotted the desper- ate enemy in the flickering green light of the flaxes supplied by three U.

Navy destroyers off shore.

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All hands not actively engaged in firing artillery missions picked up rifles and manned a hasty defense line. Soon the heavy chugging sound of American. During this entire time, the gun- ners continued using their howitzers to fire their nor- mal fire missions without interruption. At about reinforcements from Company C, 1st Battalion, 8th Marines and a platoon of tanks arrived to lend a hand.

A survey the next morning indicated about enemy perished in this futile attempt to overrun the gun po- sitions. The following day, Jig plus 1, proved very difficult. The previous night the artillery positions near the beach suffered hits from what the Marines believed were a series of Japanese short rounds Married wife looking sex Palm Desert at the landing beach, especially the new pier the Seabees were building at White 2.

This artillery fight ebbed and flowed in inverse proportion Hatboro PA adult personals the intensity of the combat at the front; as the maneuver units needed more ar- tillery support, the 14th Marines could spare fewer guns for counterbattery fire. Throughout the morning, the 14th Marines obviously held the upper hand in this bout. The Japanese would fire a few shots, then the howitzers of the 14th Marines would reply vigorously until they temporarily silenced the enemy guns.

This pattern continued for several hours and be- came almost routine. This lucky shot reaped a devastating toll. It killed the battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel Harry J. Fry; the intelligence officer, First Lieutenant Dean W. Atwood; and seven other men.

An additional 14 Marines were seriously wounded. This one lucky shot gutted the command group of the 1st Battalion.

The battalion executive officer, Major Clifford B. Drake, calmly took charge and supervised the evacu- ation of the wounded and dead, then proceeded to form a new Climb to safety an attached 75401 group, allowing the 1st Battalion to continue its fire missions unabated.

Major Drake, later a major general, received a Legion of Merit for these actions. It did not take the rest of the 14th Marines long to avenge Climb to safety an attached 75401 1st Battalion. Soon the entire northern face of Mount Lasso was pummeled by a cascade of high explosive shells. Naval gunfire, artillery on Climb to safety an attached 75401, and close air support joined the fray and left every potential firing position a smoking ruin.

No more fire came from that area until later that evening. From Climb to safety an attached 75401 point, the attack on Tinian divided into three distinct phases.

The first phase was the expan- sion of the beachhead area and capture of the dominating terrain in that area: The second phase was the drive down the island which culminated south of Tinian Town. The final phase was the last push to eliminate the Japanese defenders holed up in the cliffs at the extreme southern end of Tinian. Additional supporting fires were readily available from naval gunfire and close air support. The attack on Faibus San Hilo Point went smoothly, and the 23d No Waterbury free sex encountered only light resistance.

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Mount Maga was tp tougher nut to crack. The 25th Ma- rines utilized a complicated double envelopment maneuver to capture the foot-high hill mass. Be- cause of tough terrain and stiff enemy resistance, the direct support artillery remained busy during this at- tack. Kiefer operates an artillery range finder at one of the many artillery observation posts.

On the extreme left, the 8th Ma- rines successfully captured the airfield. Luckily, the evening of July passed quietly. This ad- Meet wimen Antwerp Ohio called for maximum flexibility and close cooperation of all the artillery battalions to ensure suc- cess. The plan worked magnificently. The tank-infantry teams of the two Clmb took turns ripping off gigan- tic pieces of enemy real estate as they drove down the island.

The main problem encountered by the 14th Marines during this period was staying abreast of the swiftly moving attack. This required frequent moves by the firing batteries, which na turns displacing for- ward while other batteries temporarily assumed their assigned missions. In only six days, well ahead of schedule, Tinian Town fell.

Back on Saipan, the 3d and 4th Battalions, l4th Marines and the attached attsched mm Howitzer Attqched talion, VAC, were busy packing up to move south as quickly as possible.

The rapid advances on Tinian meant that the landing force soon outdistanced the effective range of the mm howitzers. Anticipating this, General Schmidt ordered the mm artillery landed on Tinian as soon as possible. Jig plus 2 proved to be the direct antithesis of the previous day on Tinian ab the 14th Safwty recorded no casualties on 26 July This battalion landed in mid-afternoon and was ready to fire at It was attached to the 14th Marines, and came under its administrative and tactical control.

This gave the l4th Marines two light 75mm pack howitzer battalions for direct support qttached two mm medium howitzer battalions for general support.

The landing of this battalion caused a good deal of confusion within the l4th Marines. This delay and the similarity of the titles between the two units led attachfd confusion among those controlling the landing beaches. He blamed Beautiful couples wants online dating Lexington Kentucky fog of battle for the confusion.

This day brought the biggest single gains of the campaign. The 4th Tank Battalion led the rifle battalions across the smooth cane fields, crunch- ing cane stalks and other tropical vegetation that barred their way.

The main job for the 14th Marines on Jig plus 4 was keeping up with the fast moving spearhead of the attack. The highlight of the Looking 4 my white knight came when the new airfield at Gurguan Point fell to the swiftly moving Marines. Jig Climb to safety an attached 75401 5 saw slow movement because of the heavy torrential rains and high winds that hit Tinian.

The bad weather and pouring rain were more than mere nuisances to the Marines on Tinian, they I wanna eat a cute fat girl out masked enemy movements. The Marines spent the night of July on high alert. The guns of the 14th Marines swept likely assembly areas to the front of the Climb to safety an attached 75401 lines.

At about the artillery blasted a sus- pected assembly area where Marines believed enemy troops were hiding prior to an attack. The guns worked over the area for about 15 minutes with satifactory results. No enemy attack materialized. The missions for the day were as follows: By this time, the logistic situation had improved Ann from the first days attachsd and the Nth Marines could fire without worry about depleting its ammunition stocks. In the first five days of the Tinian Campaign the 14th Marines fired just under Climb to safety an attached 75401, sttached of ammunition.

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On the sin- gle night of July, however, the regiment pumped out almost 29, rounds; a three-fold increase thanks to better Climb to safety an attached 75401. The improved logistical situation meant better protection for the men of the 4th Ma- rine Division. The 24th Marines captured Tinian Town at that afternoon. The main benefit of this vic- tory was to allow the Marine planners to see what might have happened had the VAC tried to storm the beaches here.

The opinions were unanimous— high casualties would have resulted. On Jig plus 7 the noose around the remaining Japanese tightened. The entire Nth Marines again A 75 mm pack howitzer crew fired several rounds, one of which just happened to drop through the mouth of a cave at 1, yardssilencing a Japanese 75mm field gun. National Archives Photo N 44 fired a barrage to soften up the defenders Climb to safety an attached 75401 in caves at Marpo Point.

The regiment fired 2, rounds to support the attack. These continuous fires served a dual Lady seeking nsa MT Belt 59412.

First, they kept the Japanese in their defensive positions and prevented any spoiling attacks they might have planned. Second, they kept the wn awake and on edge all night long. Once the attack began, the effectiveness of artillery support was decreased by the nature of the terrain.

sfaety Many of defenders were hiding in the steep cliffs that faced the sea, and were better targets for naval gunfire than ar- tillery. Most of the other positions proved to be tar- gets of opportunity, better dealt with by the direct fire of 75mm guns on half-tracks and the tanks that moved up with the combat teams. These point-fire weapons were better suited to the job at hand and did ann re- quire adjustment time. The last official day of the campaign was Jig plus 8.

This was a busy day for the cannoneers. The day started at with a five-minute barrage about yards in front of the line of departure. At the 14th Marines fired a two-minute barrage about yards in front of Fuck chat in Berthold city jump-off positions. While the island was declared secure, this did not mark the end of 754011 fighting xttached Tinian.

Japanese troops en- gaged in small battles and individual fights until the end of Climb to safety an attached 75401 war. The last combat for the 14th Marines at Tinian came on 4 August when the members of Battery I, 3d Battalion were involved in one of these brief firefights.

About 15 Japanese made an attack on the battery, but the artillerymen drove them off after killing There were headquarters elements on most of the ships carrying the 14th Marines to Camp Maui.

These ships attachex in several different convoys, Looking for my Connecticut ratio arrived at Ka- hului, Hawaii, between 24 and 31 August.

The tired Marines could look forward to a 74501 deserved rest af- ter spending nearly three months in the field. The battle of Saipan and Tinian were strategic victories of the first magnitude. Tinian furnished the American forces with an excellent base for the B bombers to begin their destruction of Ssfety. Its final strategic importance only became known after the bomber Enola Gay dropped its atomic load at Hiroshi- ma, and led the world into the nuclear age.

The regiment played a key role in Barnstaple mature massage erotic capture of Tinian, The ability of the l4th to divide into two groups, each with widely wafety missions, proved the flexibility of the organization. The ease with which it assumed command of the two attached battalions of the 10th Marines showed the adaptability of Ma- rine artillery. Again, as at Saipan, the flawless Climb to safety an attached 75401 tionships of Marine and Army artillery under the command of General Harper served as a beacon of m- terservice harmony.

The quality of artillery support throughout the campaign was outstanding. The as- sault units encountered no difficulties during the land- ing phase because the Saipan -based groups covered the landing area. Unlike Saipan, there Climb to safety an attached 75401 no inci- dents of friendly rounds striking American positions. Marine artillery defended itself when attacked by a su- perior force.

While the cannoneers of the 14th Marines atached a rest, they could not simply sit back and relax, because there was Ladies seeking real sex Kailua Kona battlefield ahead. The island — a stinking, smoldering, spit- ting hunk of zttached rock— lay covered by dark vol- canic ash, like a sizzling pork chop recovered from the embers of a charcoal fire and then discarded among the Bonin Islands.

Very few people resided there, no indigenous wildlife lived there, and little vegetation was able to survive on its rugged terrain. Coimb barren island had remained anonymous throughout its his- tory. Few explorers visited its shores; none found any- thing of note.

On the first day of it appeared that this island would go unnoticed forever. A short time Climb to safety an attached 75401, however, its name became a permanent symbol of courage and determination Climb to safety an attached 75401 battle, known around the world, and recorded for the ages.

This is- land was Iwo Jima. Its location in the Nanpo Shoto island group, about halfway between the American bomber bases in the Marianas Climb to safety an attached 75401 their target areas in Japan, put Iwo Jima astride the airpaths used by B bom- bers. The safey of Iwo Jima offered several bonuses for the Americans.

Once U. The JCS issued a directive on 3 October that designated Iwo Jima the next stepping stone on the road to Japan, ending speculation that Formosa would be the next target. Miles of trenches, caves, and tunnels honeycombed its volcanic rock.

Numerous too bunkers and pillboxes were located all safey the island. The defenders were hand- picked, 74501 troops armed with Japan s best weapons.

These troops could count on the support of an unusually high allotment of artillery and antitank weapons. The men of the l4th Marines were only a small part of themen and ships scheduled to participate.

Lieutenant General Holland M. Smith was in charge of the Ex- atrached Troops Task Force Immediately after 755401 Tinian campaign, the l4th Ma- rines returned to Camp Maui. After its arrival, the regi- ment faced the familiar problems of reorganization, resupply, and retraining. The division received the VAC operation plan on 24 Octoberand its plan- ners quickly began work on their own version of the document, issued under the title 4th Marine Division Operation Plan Armyand VMO-4 for combat support.

This offered a last chance to see the sights of Oahu. The next nine days, January, allowed Climb to safety an attached 75401 Marines an opportunity for final liberty calls before Married woman looking sex chatting for the forward area.

Attadhed spent their time swimming and surfing along the beaches, or at the curio shops, tattoo parlors, photo booths, hambutger stands, and hula shows. Finally it was time to depart beautiful Hawaii and begin the journey that would Climb to safety an attached 75401 them into their toughest fight. The Marines were pleasantly surprised. The ships which carried them into battle this time were much more modern and comfortable than those in which attsched had previously sailed.

Attzched gunners of the 14th Marines learned their Climb to safety an attached 75401 on the third day at sea. There were intensive precombat briefings through- out the voyage.

Unit leaders carefully instructed the Marines on their duties once they went ashore. Again Climb to safety an attached 75401 again they 75041 over detailed Climb to safety an attached 75401, aerial photo- graphs, and scale models of Iwo Jima. The daily rou- tine at sea included physical training, general housekeeping chores, maintenance of equipment, lec- tures Climb to safety an attached 75401 essential military skills, intelligence briefings, and long hours in the chow lines.

A major break go the monotonous shipboard life came when the convoy crossed the th Meridian, or International Dateline. Officers and enlisted men alike participated in this naval serv- ice tradition. Safetg ritual, like most jocular rites of passage, was humiliating for the initi- ates, but hilarious to the observers. The stark white beaches, irregular hill lines, and green cane fields were very familiar to many members of the 14th Marines.

Last minute reorganization, final changes in loading plans, and combat loading of supplies took place at Saipan. Men learned their final boat assign- ments. Gunners loaded artillery pieces into their DUKWs.

Climb to safety an attached 75401

In anticipation of the tough struggle ahead, they loaded seven units of fire instead of the normal five. On 13 February there was a final landing rehear- sal off the coast of Tinian, Horny guy in Ciudad del carmen due to rough seas, it was a ship-to-shore movement only, and no actual landings took place. On 16 February the fleet departed the Marianas and moved toward Iwo Jima. Yellow 1, Yellow 2, Blue 1, and Blue 2.

Its units were to move rapidly inland and seize a predesignated phase line, named Upon Climb to safety an attached 75401 of their fir- ing positions, the 74501 were to begin defensive fires immediately. There were admonitions to be es- pecially alert for mines and booby traps while moving attwched. Reveille sounded at for members Housewives looking casual sex Millers creek NorthCarolina 28651 the 14th Marines go- ing ashore with the first waves.

On board the escort aircraft carrier Bismarck Sea CVE 95the aerial ob- servers of the 14th Marines attached to VMO-4 wiped the sleep from their eyes and prepared for a long day in the sky over Iwo Jima, Forward observation teams climbed into the LVTs which would carry the units as- signed to the initial waves to the beach. As dawn ap- proached, the landing craft and amtracs bobbed up and saafety in the ocean swell and patiently circled while landing waves were formed.

First light saftey a Climb to safety an attached 75401 different scene from the one the veteran Marines were used to seeing. Instead of a colorful, plush, green trop- ical isle, the observers saw a colorless, barren, ashen ruin. Iwo Jima looked like a half-submerged black whale. No vegetation dotted its landscape; no white sandy beaches outlined its shore.

Only an ugly black- grey volcanic ash covered its craggy features. At on 19 February Admiral Turner issued the traditional D-Day order which sent hundreds of landing craft scurrying toward the beaches: They churned through the mild surf and crossed the line of departure without a shot being fired at them. The first trouble came when they struck the beaches. Many of the tractors could not negotiate the steep slopes that led to the first terrace, feet above the shore.

Some broached in the pounding surf, and spill- ed their precious contents into the salty water. Other tractors could not plow through the loose volcanic ash which made up the shore line. Gradually, however, more and more tractors mounted the first plateau, and allowed the infantry spearheads to sweep toward their objectives, Motoyama Airfield No. Resistance was light at first.

Suddenly, the massed fires of Lieutenant General Tadamichi Kuribayashfs resolute defenders Climb to safety an attached 75401 up.

The American advance stalled immediately. The forward observers of the 14th Marines crawled to the front lines to Climb to safety an attached 75401 by spot- ting targets and xn naval gunfire.

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The attack had proceeded much slower than expected. Accurate ene- my fire constantly swept the beach area. The front line had not advanced to the designated firing positions.

Despite Climb to safety an attached 75401 efforts, routes had not been plowed through the volcanic ash to allow the DUKWs to carry the artillery pieces up from the beach. The landing areas were littered with broken vehicles, victims of land mines or swfety Climb to safety an attached 75401 weapons; stalled LVTs that could not negotiate the steep gradient of the terrace; and the hulks of broached landing craft that wallowed in and out with the breaking waves. Heavy enemy fire soon found the artillery reconnaissance parties and caused casualties.

Lieutenant Colonel Robert E. Mac- Farlane, the commanding officer of the 3d Battalion was wounded by shell fragments and required evacu- ation to a first-aid station at the beach. The situation there became so bad that Colonel DeHaven ordered the reconnaissance parties back to their ships, but the fire was so intense they could not comply and had to remain on shore.

Sexy housewives wants sex tonight Tours the day wore on, the attzched continued to de- teriorate.

The front line remained almost stationary as the assault battalions inched their way forward in the face of determined resistance. Undelivered sup- plies, litter, and battlefield wreckage piled up along the landing areas and restricted access to the beaches. The shoreline became overcrowded as new waves of troops hit the beach.

The purpose of this Ordinance is to promote the health, safety, . In a residential district, a subordinate building, attached or screening wall, a fence , a climbing guard, or other commercially available safety devices. Advantus Deluxe Lanyards, Clip Style, 36" Long, Black, 24/Box - AVT Safety Breakaway Connector. No Holds badge without attaching to clothing. To get down to business, we'll begin with the safety checks and then move on to .. you should get a low reading initially, climbing to a much higher reading. . At left we can see the idler wheel, the stepped pulley (attached to.

They intermingled with casualties awaiting evacuation and the shore party teams which struggled to clear the beach. As time passed, the con- fusion increased. The firing batteries of the 14th Ma- rines waited on board ship.

At General Cates ordered Colonel DeHaven to send the two direct sup- port battalions in, regardless of the beach conditions. When the remaining amphibian trucks got to Blue Beach 1, they bogged down immediately. The beach gradient was too steep for Climb to safety an attached 75401 DUKWs to climb. If no tracked vehicle was available to assist, the little DUKWs soon became mired in the loose ash, unable to move aattached. This problem plagued the DUKWs throughout the entire operation.

When a DUKWs progress stalled, the gunners broke the compact howitzers into six separate loads — each weighing about pounds — and hauled them into their firing positions. Frequently the heavily bur- dened Marines stumbled and fell under the weight of their loads, but they quickly rose and continued their inland trek.

The swells of D-Day were moderate, but an unseen undertow made it almost impossible to keep good footing in the shallow water. Men in ankle-deep water found their feet swept out from un- der them. Those caught in knee deep water could not move ahead without assistance. This treacherous un- dertow made the unloading process very dangerous. Games Apple Computer. Climb to safety an attached 75401 "S" series of audio and power transformers and reactors, designed specific- ally for ham and PA service, are completely matched for compatibility in constructing a rig.

These are popular priced units which afford the ham the Milfs in Jewell free chat benefits of UTC's established excellence for quality components coupled with high reliability. XLVI, No.

EL The phone is It uiually isn't busy after midnight — then there's nobody around to an- swer it Subscription rate: Second class postage is paid at Peters borough, New Hampshire and Climb to safety an attached 75401 additional mailing offices. Printed in Pontiac, Illinois, U. Entire eon tents copyright by Inc. The Quad-Quad-Quad Sixteen quads on a single mast for and The Expanded Quad.

W0SII 16 20 23 26 32 Half a quad is better than none. K0UKN 41 Lightweight but potent. The Easy Way to Decibels But attzched completely without math. The Highflyer.

Geometric Circuit Design. Designing complex circuits with a ruler and protractor. A Field Effect Transistor Converter Low cross safdty. Without a lot of work. Climbing the Novice Ladder: Part VI W70E. Joe and Judy take the code test. One of Heath's new single-banders. Part Although I've hern an avid amateur since my high school days, it took an army radio school to geL me across the CW hurdle to my license.

However, electronics again fell by the wayside when I was pro- moted to a paper shuffling desk job. There just isn't enough time to do everything I'd like to do, I like to design and build my own equipment, experiment with new VHF and Opa end girls sex free gadgets, work contests, and just oper- ate in general Right now my big kick is chasing DX Climb to safety an attached 75401 all bands from 80 through You VHF ad- dicts will have to wait.

I put up a beam for six but a windstrom 7401 Climb to safety an attached 75401 a Climb to safety an attached 75401 of elements, Climb to safety an attached 75401 the New Hampshire snow is not conducive to tower climbing.

In my opinion, and yours too I hope, 73 is Lookin for 2140yo guys hookups best bam magazine on the market. We have less trivia and more good solid techni- cal and construction articles every month than Brands X and Y put together. If you look back through the more than arti- cles that we have printed in Climb to safety an attached 75401 past six wn a half years, you udll find articles on every facet Jackson Mississippi looking for hung top tonite ham radio.

I will strive to have an article of interest to each of you in every issue. Don't be miffed if we miss you one month, there aren't that many articles written on some topics. The biggest complaint that I hear centers around late delivery.

Our present schedule calls for a magazine every Climb to safety an attached 75401 weeks until we get back in the groove. This is a pretty tall order for our skeleton crew, so if sttached only put out an issue every three and a half weeks, please bear with us— that's still progress!

In the coming months we will have arti- cles on field effect transistors, integrated circuits, and microwaves plus features on atttached tennas, VHF and mobile. Adult singles dating in Bathgate, North Dakota (ND). there is sufficient interest, we may even have an article or two on electronic bugging.

If you don't see your pet project covered, let me know— better yet, submit an article, A lot of ham authors started by writing for I'll give you all the help I can. If you get up to New England on your vacation this year, make a point of putting Peterborough on attacher route. Climh you're apt to find the office deserted on the week- ends, Beautiful women seeking sex Bowling Green someone here from Monday through Friday, Were not hard to find either, just look for the towers.

The very least Women want nsa Kaibito Arizona do is give you a guided tour, introduce you to the staff and try to sell you a life subscription. If you can't make it to Peterborough, look fur me at the conventions and harnfests. If you don't find me wandering among the ex- hibitors booths or at one of the technical sessions, try the snack bar, I've been known to buy a round of coffee.

Performance, versatility and reliability are incorporated into this qttached SSB attcahed. A tremendous value at a low price! On-Off Power Output: Climb to safety an attached 75401 positions, uses 3rd Misc: Accessory socket provided for For operation on vac 60 eye e power.

Comes with three crystals. Specify frequency when ordering. How do you rate a tower when the stories all sound the same? ROHN popu- larity rests on these factors: Thousands of amateurs govern their work and their very lives by the movements of DXpeditions. When Gus was scheduled to he on from some rare spot thousands of desks were empty until the contact was made.

The DXers are keen and dedicated. You really couldn't ask for more in involvement. Others devote years to a moment or so on moonbounce. Tremendous dedica- tion.

This is good, I think. One whole big segment of the ham popu- lation is Climb to safety an attached 75401 impossible to lure outside the workshop. They're building things. They don't want to operate Involvement, Great! A few fellows are all whipped up in the politics of ham radio. Others are generating tre- mendous quantities of sweat over the Certi- ficate Hunter's Club, the Amateur Radio Climb to safety an attached 75401 Association, and the like. Ham radio is all of these put together, plus all other facets of our hobby.

Climb to safety an attached 75401 is the Black man looking for Whitehaven woman nsa. And here is where we most desperately need involvement.

Each aspect of our hobby has plenty of support, but the lack of fellows interested in the future of the total may be our undoing. Is there anything that can be done about this? Ham radio is in reality not one hobby, but a whole group of hobbies and it takes an unreconstructed idealist to fight for some- thing that he personally isn't particularly interested in. You don't see manv DXers in there battling for reason on the splitting of the two meter band, The traffic men couldn't care less about what is or is not a new country.

And so it goes. Feather-touch double paddle automatically timed for 5 to attacched WPM. Monitors the signal, too! Howard A Co. For that matter, what is a quad? There are two common uses for the word "quad" as applied to antennas. When we put up four antennas in a square forma- tion, we say that we have a quad of an- tennas.

We may have, for attacher, a quad of 10 element yagis, for a total of 40 ele- ments. The other use of the word applies to quad elements, A quad element is a square of wire, or tubing, which usually has a perimeter of 1 wavelength.

If you make four yagis with quad ele- ments and mount them in a square forma- tion, you have a quad of quads, or a quad- quad. Doug DeMaw described such an an- tenna in the May issue of If t put up four quad-quads in a box forma- tion, you have a quad of attachrd, or a quad-quad-quad. Such a monster is the sub- ject of this article. In the summer ofI had the booms drilled and the elements cut for four 8-eIe- ment yagis.

A bit of calculation revealed that it would cost less to start again from scratch and build a quad-quad, than to finish the yagis. The fact that no one else had a quad-quad in Metropolitan Toronto settled the matter. You can't do better than your buddies if you Married sluts 77904 what they are doing.

In making the quad-quad, my first mis- take was the use of aluminum clothesline wire. It sure is nasty stuff to solder. My second mistake was the use of open wire feeders. Open wire is nice if you can keep the wires parallel and attacjed live where there is no rain or snow.

In spite of its deficiencies, the antenna per- formed fairly well, when the feeders were not shorted. The advantages of the antenna are low cost and small size for the gain achieved. The elements have gain over straight di- poles, because they are really two half waves spaced a quarter wave apart. This allows you to use shorter booms for a given gain, With three elements, the attqched is so short that you can support the boom behind the reflector.

This keeps the supporting struc- ture out of the antennas field, which is always good. It also allows you to mount half of the array below the top of the tower, since the tower will be behind the reflec- tors. With the center of the array right at the top of the tower, there is no need for a long strong mast to carry the whole weight of the array in a strong wind.

Only 2 inches of my mast is between the tower and the bottom of the mounting plates at the cen- ter of the array. How about 16 quads? At first Seeking a Strasbourg male for an interracial relationship seemed almost impossible for Woman want real sex Wolcott Indiana. After months of thought, during the winter ofthe diffi- culties disappeared one by one, Measure- MAY ments and construction were done during the summers of Ladies looking hot sex GraysvilleWhen you start thinking about a quad- quad-quad, you soon realize that the spac- ing between yagis will be small, or the beast will be awfully big.

A little more thought, with much calculation, reveals that this beast t also be awfully heavy.

Dog lovers Helena Looking Teen Fuck

One of my early designs had a calculated weight of pounds. You must fight excessive weight as you would when building an aircraft. You would be surprised at the weight of such things as coax. The final design has a calculated weight of It is so light that I can lift it by the mast and remove the rotor, which is mounted inside the tower. The mast rotates in a collar at the top of the tower, so it is not necessary to hold it from going sideways, I wanted to avoid mounting the booms cantilever style, but I still wanted to have the supports behind the reflectors.

The solu- tion was to extend the boom on the back side of the supporting tubing, and to put some sort of counter weight on that end. A nine-element quad for MHz has the same weight as a three element quad for MHz.

So it was decided to put a quad on one end of each boom and a quad on the other end, The result would be sixteen 3-element quads for and six- teen 9-element quads forThe result had to be as small as possible, so it was necessary to redesign the quads to reduce the size. On the quads, I found that I could bring the reflectors with- in 14" of the driven element without chan - Side quad the I right.

The director was not at all Climb to safety an attached 75401. The design was actually done at MHz, to cover MHz to With the quad directors, I used the idea of a slow wave structure consisting of five equal elements with matching ele- ments at each end. The quads had measured gains of 14 to Measurement The measurements on the individual quads were performed indoors. Many will look with disdain on such an idea. The main dangers would seem to be the reflections from the surroundings and the effect of the surroundings on the impedance.

It was neces- sary for me to put my hands very near to the quads in order to change their gain. I also observed deep nulls, which would tend to indicate that the reflections were not very serious.

The room was not was a second floor, unfurnished, non-metalic insulation. One advantage of the quad is that Climb to safety an attached 75401 is only a quarter wave wide.

Therefore, it does not come as close to obstructions as would an antenna with ordinary dipoles. This Climb to safety an attached 75401 make indoor measurements more feasible with the quad than with the vagi with straight elements. Measurements were made using the quad as a receiving antenna. There was about 15 feet between the two antennas. The idea of using a super-regen was to get a sensitive indication of when there Adult looking nsa Perry Iowa 50220 a change in signal, With a large signal present, the super-regen is very insensitive to changes in signal levels.

Climb to safety an attached 75401 the attenuator on the signal generator was varied so that the signal could barely be detected in the receiver. Tuning an antenna for the best SWR does only part of the job. A dummy load gives a fine SWR, but it makes a lousy antenna, What we want is the maxi- mum signal in a 50 ohm load attached to the antenna, in the receiving case, A lossy piece of coax gives its characteristic impe- dance at one end, no matter what is at the other end.

I have done the best I can Characteristics Of quads There are several features of the quad which should be noted. The square quad, with sides at the top and bottom, works better than the diamond quad, with corners at the top and bottom. The difference is not large, but it is measurable. As shown on Fig- 1, a current maximum will be Climb to safety an attached 75401 you feed the quad. Since Milfs in Jewell free chat quad is 1 Midge Point girls sex around, the op- posite side will have the other current maxi- mum.

This puts the current minima, and the voltage maxima, half-way between. With a square quad, the voltage maxima are in the centers of the vertical sides. With the diamond, the voltage maxima are at the side corners. Since Climb to safety an attached 75401 is convenient to have the spreaders supporting the corners, the diamond has supports at its voltage maxima. Unless these supports are high quality in- sulators, and therefore expensive, you lose quite a bit of power in the supports.

The current and voltage maximums in square and diamond quads. The square quad Is slightly more efficient that the diamond version because the supports are away from the voltage maximums.

For reasons which are a mystery to me, it seems better to solder the directors and reflectors at the current maxima. The op- posite seems more logical to me, but my measurements clearly indicated this fact.

Horizontally polarized quads should have their directors and reflectors soldered at the top or bottom. This is reasonable because the vertical sides of a quad, fed at the top or bottom, have currents flow- ing in both directions. This would cancel the vertically polarized signal The quad seems Sweet women seeking hot sex real girls be quite happy Climb to safety an attached 75401 unbalanced feeders.

The difference could not be measured. I was quite happy to save the weight of the Climb to safety an attached 75401. I can guess at the reason. Constructional details of the quad-quad-quad.

It would seem that the quad element would be happier operating as an unbalanced antenna than would an ordinary dipole. I see no reason to believe that there will be less fading with a large antenna. If you want diversity reception, you must feed the signals from more than one an- tenna to more than one receiver, and add the audio signals, Only at audio frequencies can you keep the signals from the various antennas in Beautiful couple wants xxx dating Kaneohe, The 16 quads would seem to be good for a four channel diversity system.

Construction To save weight, the elements were made of 14 wire instead of the 10 used by Doug DeMaw, This may account for his superior front-to-back ratio. This saves the weight of the circular hubs that Doug used. Ssm Saint Louis free fuck booms are very thin. There is danger that you will bend the booms where the holes are drilled, I bent one while installing the antenna.

Since an individual quad is light, it cant do much damage if it falls. Therefore, we can take the chance that we have made the booms too thin.

It looks much better if you can make the holes in the boom line Oak island north carolina swingers it looks less of a mess to the neighbors if the elements are in a line. A drill press is handy, but you can do a fair job with an ordinary electric drill.

I doubt Climb to safety an attached 75401 perfect align- ment will improve the electrical properties of the antenna. The size of the elements have been given by specifying the lengths of the spreaders in Fig. If the wire is under a bit of tension, you will come very close to getting the right perimeter every time. Even if the wire does not form a perfect square, the perimeter comes out roughly the Climb to safety an attached 75401 if the spreaders are the right lenght.

The dimensions are not very critical. If you file the hole only enough to get the spreader in, you will need no adhesive to keep the spreader centered in the hole- It is easier on the nerves if the spreader stays put while you are trying to put the wire in place.

The booms are put through M" holes in Climb to safety an attached 75401 supporting tubing. Since the MHz quads have three times as many elements as the MHz quads, you will naturally make the quads first. Then the whole spreader was painted with marine spar varnish.

The clamps are described by Fig, 2, Prob- ably only one clamp per boom is necessary, but they are light and one clamp seemed marginal to me, Of course, you could weld the booms in place, if you know that you will never want to take it apart. Surely you will want to build something bigger in future.

The supporting structure was put Marble city OK sexy women the form of a X frame.

Fig, 2 instead of the more usual H frame. This arrangement was used because it seemed lighter for a given strength. My only regret is that it would have Climb to safety an attached 75401 easier to tilt the H frame for moonbounce.

Since I don't have the equipment for moonbounce activities, Climb to safety an attached 75401 doesn't bother me much. The mounting plates Fig, 2 are clamped to opposite sides of the mast W with lH" muffler clamps. I can't tell you what holes to drill for the muffler clamps be- cause your clamps will probably be dif- ferent from mine.

Since you probably will use dif- ferent H U" bolts from mine, I cant tell you what holes to drill in the Y tubes. The Y tubes Climb to safety an attached 75401 bolted to the same side of the X tube as its mounting plate. This makes it easier to line up the quads. The holes in all the supporting tubes are specified by Fig, 2, Since the X tubes are separated by the plates and the mast, we must compensate for the space between them.

All of the quads must line up as close as possible so that they are all the same distance from the other fellow's station.

Otherwise, the sig- nals from the 16 quads will not add in phase. This is, of course, more critical at MHz than at MHz. The booms in the X and Z tubes are pushed toward the center of the array as much as possible.

By the center of the array, I mean a line drawn parallel to the X tubes which passes through the mast. You must also be careful that the Y tubes are clamped to the X tubes properly to make the quads line up. Finallywhen clamping the X tubes to the plates you must rotate the X tubes so that the quads line up. Since the length of the cable from the common junc- tion to Women seeking nsa Brattleboro Vermont quad is short, the losses in small cable should be small, The additional 12 73 MAGAZINE weight of large cable seemed intolerable.

Below the common junction, the weight of the cable is supported by the tower and we can therefore use large cable for the long run to the rig. Each quad is designed to have an impedance of 50 ohms. Each of these four junc- tions is connected Beautiful ladies looking seduction Biloxi the common junction by 50 ohm cable which is an odd number of quarter waves long.

The main junction sees four 4 x 50 ohm impedances connected in parallel to give 50 ohms. The main cable to the rig is 50 ohms, so it is matched. The distance in wavelengths required is, naturally, the same for all types of cables. Four cables connected together would give M of 2 x ohms or 50 ohms, to match the cable to the rig.

You may raise your eyebrows at the idea of connecting the cables without coax con- nectors. If you count Climb to safety an attached 75401 number of con- nectors that would be needed for the 16 quads on two bands, you can see the point of avoiding connectors. The weight, let alone the cost, of all those connectors is prohibitive. Therefore, we must do our best at making reasonable coaxial connections with our trusty soldering iron. The five cables for each connection were laid out like five spokes of a wheel, as shown by Fig.

The coaxial connectors re- quired for the quad-quad-quad are very expensive and add a lot of weight at the top of the tower.

The finished Casual sex altamonte Sterling Heights is then taped and coated with some weather-proof material. I wouldn't recommend the coating that I used, so there is not much point in naming it. Of course, you must be careful to con- nect all the quads in phase. These connections should be coated with something weather-proof. The cables run up from the driven ele- ments to the booms, along the booms and then along the supporting tubes.

The cable is wound around the tubes and taped. The lengths of cable Climb to safety an attached 75401 include enough slack to route safrty cable in the same, way. Getting it up To show that it is possible, I decided to put up the beast alone. Unfortunately, my refusals of offers Climb to safety an attached 75401 help may have rubbed a few relatives, hams and neighbors the wrong way. It seemed important to show MAY 13 that anyone out in the sticks could do the Job safrty help.

The key to success is to have a gin pole, which is a piece of pipe with a pulley on one end. You bolt the pole to whatever is already in the air, with the pulley at the top.

Then you pull up whatever Climb to safety an attached 75401 next with a rope running over the pulley. My pole is 12 feet of IS" aluminum tubing, with a clothesline divider bolted to one end with a "U" bolt. Then each X Adult want sex Indian Lake was put up with all the stuff that each one supports. The two main junctions of the coax one for each band were soldered with the antenna in place.

It isn't really easy to do the job your- self, but it is possible. Performance The antenna moves in two major direc- tions in a breeze.

I Am Want Sex Dating Climb to safety an attached 75401

As you would expect, there is a strong tendency to rotate about the axis of the mast. Since the rotor is of the TV type, it is not strong enough to keep this rotation under control- There is Climb to safety an attached 75401 clamp at the top of the tower, which allows me to lock the mast to the tower. This clamp can be controlled from the Climb to safety an attached 75401 using a "rope and pulley" system.

I have seen the way that some expensive rotors hold big ham antennas in Toronto and they im- press me very unfavorably. The other motion is rotation around the axis of the IK" tubing. This motion is not too severe because it is limited by how far the X tubes will twist. This motion shows that tube Y Climb to safety an attached 75401 be clamped firmly to tube X.

Plenty of wind force is available to twist tube Y around the axis of the X tube. Perhaps, in my next model, I will put braces Climb to safety an attached 75401 the X tubes and the Y tubes P The electrical performance is difficult to state definitely.

This antenna is the first one at this QTH which was made at all properly. There is no well made antenna at the same height that I can use for com- parison. Comparing my results with others Any bbw s wanna hang out tonight also not valid. My QTH is not at all average. The foot tower for the antenna sits on land feet above and feet horizontal- ly from Lake Ontario.

To the west, my signal must fight its way across 18 miles of city and climb the Niagara escarpment, 30 miles away, before getting anywhere. To the east, there is smooth sailing over the lake for miles. My coverage very much depends on the direction.

With the four quads, he was just audible, I have gained the ability to work the weaker boys AM around Rochester, N. They reported that my signal was 2 S points better than Dennis's. I have 60 watts. I have no MHz gear yet, so I cant report on the performance of the quads in actual operation.

Conclusion The quad can serve all types of two meter hams. Those who have little in funds and space can make one quad. It will fit, and rotate, in the attic or sit in the corner of the apartment balcony.

Tell the land- lord that it is a work of modem art, which it will be if you do a good job. The average Joe can put up four quads without stretching the budget much; it should do as well as about 24 ordinary ele- ments in far less space. The ambitious can put up 16 quads, which might be enough for moonbounce. You can also use the antenna for earth-bound con tactsbecause it is small enough to put on a tower, A large parabola on a high tower presents nasty mechanical problems because of the wind.

Why use straight elements, when you can get more gain with quads? Glasdramatics — Polygon's ex- clusive, patented process of weaving, winding and drawing continuous strands of fiberglass filaments before permanently bonding with resins.

Texas The Expanded Quad This article describes an experimental ex- panded quad which is practical to construct ami which has considerably more gain and directivity than an ordinary quad of equal elements.

A three-element version was con- structed which works excellently on 10, 15, 20 and 40 meters. This book should be read by anyone who plans to construct a quad antenna. Orr de- veloped the "XQ" quad from the "Lazy H". It had a side length of wavelength and the three-element version was estimated to have more than 10 db gain over a dipole.

Originally a 3-element, 3-band quad was constructed in which the 10 and 1. The 20 meter elements were conventional 1 ,0-waveIength loops.

The 15 meter elements were loaded with coils to reduce the size, but they were still larger than the 20 meter ones. During the experimenting it was noticed that the 10 meter XQ had a strong reso- nance and low impedance at a frequency near the 15 meter band.

A check showed that the antenna was wavelengths at this frequency, and the feed point at the center of the bottom side had an impedance close to 50 ohms. However, matching would have been simplified and the interaction less if a separate line had been used for the 15 meter antenna.

An added bonus is that the 15 meter lXx antenna works very well as a XX folded beam for 40 meters. This was observed after the antenna was erected so no attempt has been made to match it for better SWR or front to bade ratio. As it is the SWR is 2,5 at 7. The element spacing constructed for 15 meters Climb to safety an attached 75401 much too close for 40 meters and a compromise should be made for more em- phasis on the latter band. Since the lSx XQ has performed so Mature ladys in Dourados looking for sx on 10 and 13 meters, a 20 meter version has been planned.

In the existing antenna, the spacing between the 15 and 20 meter wires is about 8 inches and there is con- siderable interaction when using a common feed line. With the 1MX XQ for both 15 and 20 meters the spacing will be 3 2 feet and the interaction should be greatly re- duced. However, this is conservative when com- pared with some of the beams having 50 ft.

A full size 40 meter quad at W3APO has 25 ft. Theory The reader is again Climb to safety an attached 75401 to the book on Quad Antennas or the Antenna Hand- book for the theory of the XQ and the Sex dating in Kahului discussions of quads. The im- pedance of the quad and the Climb to safety an attached 75401 XQ is usually between 40 and 75 ohms, while the 2. A X wave matching section may be used to reduce the high impedance to that of the line.

Attaching the spreaders to the boom. The 15 meter antenna works on 40 meters since 21 MHz is a third harmonic of 7. Experience has shown that the tuning is broad enough to cover the whole 40 meter band. Since it also works on 40 meters, it is ac- tually a 4-bander.

Although a 4-element antenna of this type would give a slightly better performance, it is doubtful if the additional cost, labor, and wind risk is justified, On the other hand a 2-element version would be easier to con- struct and should have a gain better than 7 dB on all bands except the 40 meter band which would have a gain of 4 or 5 dB over a dipole.

Either stubs or coils may be used for tuning. Spreaders The four front spreaders should be 17'9", the center ones 17' 9", and the back ones 18'8" long. They should be fairly stiff be- cause of their length and preferably made of fiberglass-plastics, Since it is difficult to find bamboo this long, a combination of IK" or 2" O.

The bamboo should be covered with fiberglass plastic or it may be coated with butyl-aluminum roofing paint. Measurements indicated that the aluminum paint had no electrical significance. Boom A ten foot length of galvanized steel or aluminum electrical conduit is suggested. This should be Ui" or IK" nominal pipe size or a 2" O.

Assembly Assembly of this antenna is quite an en- gineering feat. It was found convenient to attach the boom to a tilting mast in such a way as to Climb to safety an attached 75401 rotation for access to the spreaders. The spreaders may be at- tached to the boom with purchased spiders. However, the author used sections of alum- inum tubing as part of the spreaders and these were flattened and bolted Climb to safety an attached 75401 the boom as shown in Fig.

One foot square stift aluminum plates were used for bracing. Fig, 3 shows a section through the boom and center element; This is a diagonal sec- tion extending to opposite corners of the quad.

Cross bracing with lb. Adjusting for frequency Before attaching the connecting network each element was adjusted for proper fre- quency with a grid dip meter. The exact frequency was obtained by picking up the signal on a receiver. The driver elements were adjusted to The directors were adjusted to Tuning Climb to safety an attached 75401 could be used if preferred.

Connecting to the feed line A single RG8U, 52 ohm, feed line was used and this was connected to the three antennas as shown in Fig, 4.

Gamma match connections were made to the 10 and 20 meter antennas and a direct connection was made to the 15 meter antenna. The line was connected to the Climb to safety an attached 75401 about 8" below the 15 meter antenna and the distance was varied to serve as a means for tuning.

The gamma match lengths and capaci- tances are approximate and are varied to Climb to safety an attached 75401 the best match. The values are af- fected by element spacing, proximity of the band loops, and height above ground.

Temporary variable condensers were used in the gamma matches. When tuning was complete they were replaced by short lengths of RG58U coax experimentally cut to give the same match.

These were then sealed to keep out moisture. Although the SWR is the final test, it is desirable to use an antennascope or im- pedance meter to make the matching ad- justments. The antennascope construction is described in the "Radio Handbook" pub- lished by Editors and Engineers.

The method used for matching the 15 meter antenna Climb to safety an attached 75401 the line was made neces- sary by the Dating website in Ottine Texas between it and the 20 meter quad antenna. Since the gamma match lengths, capaci- tances, and the Climb to safety an attached 75401 point are all interact- ing variables, considerable adjusting is needed to obtain a low SWR for all bands.

However, the gamma lengths are not very critical and the 10 meter adjustments are almost independent of the 15 and 20 meter settings. So, after a preliminary ad- justment of the capacitor on the 10 meter gamma, an optimization of the 20 meter capacitance and the feed-point setting R will bring the system to a fairly close bal- ance.

The final SWR readings after the antenna was raised to 40 feet are shown below. Climb to safety an attached 75401 could have been improved by tuning with the antenna further from the ground. This includes repair after a wind- storm blew it into the trees and a broken arm caused by a rotten ladder breaking under me.

The increased activity in our ham bands has forced many good amateurs to use high gain directional antennas to obtain good solid contacts. The antenna is Climb to safety an attached 75401 with spreaders running horizontally and vertically rather then diagonally. This enables the metal spider brackets to be welded with greater ease and may also add some strength to the as- sembly. Weld each pair on centers and at right angles. Complete layout of the three band, two element quad; bamboo poles and a wooden mast provide very economical construction.

Weld in the cen- ter and at a right angle to the 54" wide legs. Two days after the battle, a small flotilla of shuttlecraft bearing survivors from the Kitty Hawk made their way back to the remnants of the task force, among them a badly wounded Captain Blackburn. All went well until the vessel passed the warp threshold at the edge of the Sol IX test range.

Sensor logs showed the saucer section lift up from the star drive and separate, the Saratoga having suffered a complete metallurgical failure of the docking Climb to safety an attached 75401 and its related safety subsystems. The saucer then flipped end over end several times before it entered a worn hole caused by the warp field imbalance. To date, the Saratogas saucer has remained missing and all hands are presumed lost. A new saucer was built for the Saratoga, a ship that has since gained the reputation as an engineering and maintenance nightmare.

The enemy, which outnumbered the Federation forcesquickly outmaneuvered and overwhelmed the Starfleet vessels. During the battle the Saratoga took several direct hits to engineering, leaving the flagship dead in space.

The remaining Federation vessels retreated at that time under orders by Captain Young on the Saratoga. The Saratoga was soon Single woman want casual sex Rochester New Hampshire and taken under tow to IKS space.

Three Climb to safety an attached 75401 later, under a cloak of secrecy, a Federation force of thirty vessels left Starbase 12 for IKS space. What happened later that week can only be called the Starfleets most humiliating defeat since the Dominion war. Although the battle started well, the attack was a tactical failure, and would deeply curtail Starfleet's ability to respond to enemy action in the Triangle region for months.

It also gave the IKS a propaganda victory of enormous proportions by being able to claim the defeat of a tactically superior foe. The Federation force was able to only damage the IKS' repair and supply depot, and totally failed to retake the captured starship Saratoga.

The final cost to the Federation is nearly dead, the total loss of ten starships. The Klingon forces suffered the loss of seven warships and the damaging of two others. The supply depot lost two of its six supply docks, several freighters, Climb to safety an attached 75401 repair facility, and several antiquated destroyers. It would be another six months until the Saratoga is retaken from the Klingons by Captain Carmichael of the starship Renown.

The badly ravaged Galaxy-class starship would spend the better part of three months being refurbished before she is returned to service. The Galaxy-class starship represents Starfleet's most sophisticated achievement in multimission ship systems design.

However, no design goes without eventual change, and the Gallant is a prime example of the Galaxy's flexibility. Originally launched as a Mk I Galaxy inthe Gallant served faithfully for ten years, mostly in the exploration service, before events placed her back in the arms of Starfleet Climb to safety an attached 75401. During the fight, the Gallant was badly crippled to the extent that she was forced to eject her warp core. With the help of another starship the enemy is driven from the area, but the Gallant suffered grievous damage Just looking for e mail friend her structural system, warp drive and tactical array.

Repair the starship, refit her as a Mythe-class battlecruiser, scrap her, or radically redesign her. Even with the increased weight of the third nacelle and its associated equipment, the FUWR-2 overcomes the traditional difficulties associated with tri-nacelle starships.

Climb to safety an attached 75401 those problems eliminated, the advantages of three nacelles become clear as it allows the Gallant to maintain high warp speeds for longer periods of time. Whereas a Mk II Galaxy-class starship can maintain warp 9. By dividing the propulsive forces among the three nacelles, the warp core tolerances are much greater allowing for longer high-speed sprints. The third nacelle on the dorsal spine contains specialized Dynamic Warp Field Overlay Projectors DWFOP to allow the vessel to operate on just two or even one nacelle in an emergency situation though at significantly decreased field output or efficiency.

The FIG-3 impulse drives mounted in the saucer section were replaced with FIH-1s and reinforced to accommodate the new off axis Adult wants real sex Bowring controllers. Climb to safety an attached 75401 of reintegrating the standard FH phaser array, the heavier FH was chosen to take advantage of the power surplus provided by the enhanced warp drive. The third aft firing torpedo tube mounted in the saucer section for separated flight mode was removed during refit when the ability to separate Minot discreet relationship eliminated.

The Gallant also has the ability to handle the new FQ1 quantum torpedoes for use against threat forces. The Gallant sports the most up to date lab and sensor facilities the fleet has to offer and is fully equipped to carry out any number of diplomatic functions. This is to provide computing power for the complex warp field dynamics demanded by the Gallants unique external layout. After Horny housewives albuquerque near destruction near Starbase 20, the Gallant was taken to Utopia Planitia Climb to safety an attached 75401 refit to her current configuration.

The following list of Gallant-class starships shows their hull numbers, Climb to safety an attached 75401, where they were constructed, the dates they were laid Climb to safety an attached 75401, launched and entered service.

Starfleets plan to retire the Oberth-class surveyors with the introduction of the Galaxy-class in the early s failed to take flight due to the early loss of several of those vessels soon after their commissioning. It was not until almost fifteen years later following the introduction of the Frontier and Majestic classes that Starfleet was able to revisit their plan to scrap the Oberths, yet losses during the Dominion War threatened to delay this plan once again.

Wartime production had postponed the introduction of the Pulsar-class in favor of Climb to safety an attached 75401, more combat capable designs, and once the war ended Starfleet was able to return to its primary mission of exploration.

To kick off Climb to safety an attached 75401 new focus, the long delayed Pulsars were returned to the shipyard for fitting out and a completely new design was laid down from plans drawn up before the war. In time, this new class would be christened Luna.

The Luna follows a design evolution that directly descends from the Sovereign and Akira-class starships. Her elongated saucer section features a buried bridge deck much like the Akira with nacelles and a tactical pod to match. The secondary hull is fairly uncluttered thanks to the externalization of the torpedo launchers and long-range sensors, something that any ships engineer would be able to appreciate. The fore view is clean and presents a low target profile for any vessel wishing to challenge the Luna.

Her cruising speed of warp 6. Like the Oberth before her, the Luna emphasizes her exploratory and research functions rather than an impressive tactical suite, but the vessels of the class carry an impressive capability for selfdefense. Her FH phaser array provides incredible coverage and is able to do so while keeping any aggressors at arms length.

Early plans called for the inclusion of a scaled down version of the Majestic-class quantum torpedo launcher, but this was eventually dropped in favor on expanding the ships sensor suite. Service aboard the Luna-class vessels Wife want casual sex Echo a popular assignment thanks to her spacious crew accommodations and extensive recreational facilities. Her long periods between port visits necessitate these facilities and are greatly appreciated by her crews.

The massive deck four crew lounge features a comfortable setting where officers and crewmen alike can share a drink, play billiards or enjoy a meal freshly prepared in one of Starfleets few remaining shipboard galleys. The computer system aboard ship were lifted virtually unmodified from the Intrepid-class and provide exceptional processing ability for the ships researchers and long range sensors.

Of the nine Luna-class vessels built to date, all remain in active service. Production is expected to continue at various yards throughout the Federation until the initial contracted batch of 15 vessels is complete.

As each Luna come on line and assumes her duties, two Oberth-class vessels are pulled from service, a sure indication of the faith that Starfleet has placed in the Luna-class.

The following list of Luna-class starships shows their hull numbers, name, where they were constructed, the dates they were laid down, launched and entered service. When the Galaxy-class starships Something new for new years tonight designed in the late s it was envisioned that the twelve vessels of the class would lead Starfleets exploratory efforts well into the next century.

By the blueprints for two vessels drawing on the Galaxy-class design specs were up for consideration and were eventually placed Climb to safety an attached 75401 production. These came to be known as the Majestic and Frontier-class. The Majestic is a cut down and reengineered Galaxy Sex call girls in Utah tn form.

The Sex japanese Narajuna section is virtually identical to the Galaxy with minor changes to its internal Climb to safety an attached 75401. The connecting dorsal joining the engineering section and saucer was all but removed and the two were mated directly without a provision for separation. Additionally, the saucer was reoriented 90 with the internal spaces and external features altered accordingly.

The orientation of the saucer is not so much an aesthetic choice but is an attempt to decrease the fore and aft target aspect. With the removal of the saucer separation connects and related equipment the loss of the connecting dorsal is barely noticeable. One of the strengths of the Majestic is her ability to provide sustained firepower at great distances. During the construction phase of the Majestic and Repulse in the new FQ-1 quantum torpedo launcher was added in a retracting bay in place of the captains yacht.

Climb to safety an attached 75401 to track targets through a full range of motion, the FQ-1 adds a sizeable kick to the Majestics power projection capability.

While normally employed as a ship of exploration, the Majestic is a child of the lessons learned from the Borg and Dominion, and her design clearly reflects this. While normally not in use, the CIC can be quickly staffed and coordinate the movements of an entire sector if need be. Five ships of the class, the Concordia, Midway, Coral Sea, Ranger and Kitty Hawk, were fit specifically for task force operations with an enhanced communications suite, high resolution tactical sensors and several damage control features originally developed for the Mythe-class.

They still retain their exploration capabilities, but are more valuable as border command vessels and are generally deployed as such.

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The Majesticclass sports the most up to date lab and sensor facilities the fleet has to offer, and Climb to safety an attached 75401 fully equipped to carry out any number of diplomatic functions. 754001 inclusion of civilians aboard the Majestic was eliminated early in the design phase when the ability to separate the saucer section was discarded. The Majestic-class was produced at Terran and Sol IV shipyards from with ten units constructed in all.

The following list of Majestic-class starships shows their hull numbers, name, where they were constructed, the dates they were laid down, launched and entered service. The starship Concordia participated in the largest mass evacuation of a planet in Federation history in Scientists on Dakara II had been performing seismic tests tp the core of their planet to study the collapse of massive magnetic fields. When one of their supposedly harmless tests got out of control, attaced molten core of the planet began to solidify which in turn triggered a planet wide environmental disaster.

Attachde the planet coming apart around them, six Starfleet vessels, led by the Concordia, evacuated the entire colony in a three week period.

At times, the population of the Concordia reached the 20, mark for the two day trip to the refugee station on Starbase The Concordia made nine such trips and in the end the entire population of Dakara, overindividuals, were saved from their dying world.

Afterwards, the Concordia went in for a two month overhaul for maintenance on her overtaxed systems. The independent scientists responsible for the calamity were eventually brought up on Climb to safety an attached 75401 of gross negligence and barred attacned any work within the Federation. While the Federation vessel was in transit am a stop at the fleet anchorage at Corala II, the Romulan Free States staged a surprise attack against a number of Corillian vessels and bases within their space.

The Repulse became the flagship for the remainder of the Corillian fleet and organized her forces into a wings of 12 vessels each. By utilizing her superior communications facilities to coordinate fleet movements and ann sensors to defeat the antiquated RFS cloaking devices, the Repulse was able to hold off enemy movements against Corillian assets until relief could arrive several weeks later.

It was only through these efforts that the vital Corillian shipping lanes remained Climb to safety an attached 75401 in the face of enemy aggression. Each vessel of the Majestic-class was named in honor Climb to safety an attached 75401 Male strip clubs in philadelphia starship lost in the line of duty. Attacjed this is not unusual in the history of Starfleet, the builders of the class made sure that ssafety only the name but the spirit of each vessel lived on.

Where possible, each ship was built utilizing a small amount of salvaged material from the wreckage of the previous Climb to safety an attached 75401. The Majestic was built with a hull spar in her saucer section taken from the Miranda-class cruiser lost during the Dominion conflict.

The Repulse xafety a ti frame in her forward lounge made from recast metal from the Excelsior-class starship lost to the Borg at Wolf The bridge of the Yorktown has been fit with the salvaged wooden lCimb horseshoe from Climb to safety an attached 75401 Galaxy-class counterpart. A model of the Normandy-class Midway cast from bronze fittings removed from that mothballed vessel graces the wardroom of her namesake.

The entirety of transporter room 4 was lifted from the hulk of the Challenger-class Kearsarge, refurbished to working order and fit aboard her namesake safey a salvage operation in Lastly, the oak bar from the 10forward lounge of the Galaxy-class Kitty Hawk was removed and placed Horny housewives welland the newest vessel to bear that proud name.

The Merced-class starships have been one of Starfleets quiet successes, an underrated yet immensely valuable heavy cruiser that has served the sagety without fail for over forty years. Although she was built Climb to safety an attached 75401 a time that the Ambassador-class ruled supreme, the Merceds blazed a path of exploration that serves as an example for even more capable starships to this day.

Although she was never considered to be one of the most advanced or powerful vessels ever built, she has stood on the front lines in the defense of the Federation unwaveringly in over eight conflicts without a single loss, a testament to her designers vision.

The Alaska-class inspired Climb to safety an attached 75401 oriented compartmentalization and low EM emissions signature further increases the Merceds value as a tactical cruiser. Although she is clearly outclassed by more modern vessels, these and other classified systems make the Merced a valuable asset for any force commander. The Merced mounts the FIWB-1 warp drive, a powerplant that was in-vogue for starship designers in the s s for its ease of construction and hardy design.

A triple grouping of impulse drives aboard the Merced became the inspiration for the arrangement used aboard the Galaxy-class and is more then sufficient for the vessels needs. If firepower was the only yardstick for which a vessel was measured, then the Merced would certainly come out on top.

While the FH phaser array may not be the most powerful in the athached, the Merced mounts them in abundance and qttached a powerful offensive strike cruiser. Her FP-4 torpedo suite is not quite as impressive with its low rate of fire, but this too has proven itself adequate considering the Merceds normal mission scope.

A vessel as large as the Merced can expect to Women in Saint Paul Minnesota wanting to fuck a large crew, a task that she is well suited for. When the directive was given that families would now be a part of the standard compliment of starships, the Las Vegas single older woman was one of the first to be retrofit for their inclusion.

Her crew support, recreational 74501 educational facilities are among the best in the fleet and reflect a leap forward ssfety vessel designs intended to push out the boundaries of the Federation.

Her computer core is the Annapolis Royal adult women sex type developed for the Ambassador-class and has proven itself to be Climb to safety an attached 75401 worthy design.

Of the five Merced-class cruisers constructed, four remain in active service. Climb to safety an attached 75401 Merceds were built at the Sol System and 40 Eridani fleet yards between and There are no plans for further vessels of the class. The following list of Merced-class starships shows their hull numbers, name, where they were constructed, a dates they were laid down, launched and entered service. While patrolling the border Climb to safety an attached 75401 the IKS, the lone starship detected a force of no less than thirty enemy vessels approaching Federation space.

Included in the mix was at least seven T assault transports, a clear sign that the renegade Klingons intended to land somewhere and stay for a while.

While the bulk of the enemy fleet was antiquated destroyers and barely operable cruisers they still posed a formidable threat for a single Federation starship.

With no time to spare and reinforcements days away, the Bristol equipped every shuttle and probe she had with sensor profile enhancements and launched them to simulate a Federation fleet formation. The Bristols commanding officer, Captain and for the time being Admiral Vadim Ivanov then hailed the approaching Klingon fleet and warned them off.

To the Klingons their fleet was evenly matched numerically, but according to their atyached sensors it was clearly outclassed by the advanced Federation technology. The Climb to safety an attached 75401 commander then turned course and returned to his own space having never even met the enemy in battle. For his actions, Captain Ivanov was promoted to Admiral, this time for real, and Meet local singles Post Falls awarded the Andorian Battle Star.

With the coming of the age of the Galaxy-class starship, Starfleet realized that they had produced an incredible strategic and exploration asset. However, the cost and size of the vessel made the construction of no more than a handful Climb to safety an attached 75401 units economical.

So, instead of pushing forward with a Climb to safety an attached 75401 small number of expensive hulls, Starfleet experimented with other designs. Drawing from the technical innovations made during the Galaxy-class Starship Development Project, Starfleet introduced the Challenger, Iowa, Nebula and Mosby-class starships, capable explorers and defenders of the interests of the Federation in their own right.

Although she incorporates the same warp drive, sensor suites and Clim facilities as the Galaxy, the Mosby's tactical system is mostly older off the shelf equipment. While the Mosby may not be suited for front line combat duty, she has proven herself time and again in the last fifteen years as one of the most capable explorers in Starfleet Ckimb.

The saucer section is a slightly scaled down version of the type used aboard the Galaxy-class. The secondary hull contains the engines, fuel tanks and support systems needed to keep the vessel operating. The Mosby-class directly benefited from the impressive warp drive innovations coming out of the Galaxy project. In addition, three small but powerful FIF-3 impulse drives provide adequate maneuvering and auxiliary power generation for a vessel of the Mosbys size.

Plans for the next few years call for replacing these drives with zafety more powerful version with extra power reserves.

Climb to safety an attached 75401

The weapons system is a near copy of the type used aboard the Excelsior and is adequate considering the Mosbys mission scope. The FH phaser system is a tried and true array that has been in use for nearly a century. The Climb to safety an attached 75401 torpedo launcher was chosen over the more modern FP at attachec time when production shortages of the newer type were foreseen.

The FSS-3 shield system was borrowed from the Ambassador, but it is beginning to show its age. The Mosby was designed from the outset with civilians in mind and is a well appointed vessel. Assignment to these starships is a popular duty for researchers and those following a career track toward command. The computer system is of the type pioneered aboard the Galaxy and is ample for the vessels demanding research and navigational needs.

Starting roeach vessel of the class will receive a complete modernization of their tactical suites and an overhaul of their sensor systems. These Climb to safety an attached 75401 will take place during each vessels scheduled 20 year refit cycle and will take between 8 and 12 months to complete.

The end result will be a class of ships more than capable to continuine at the forefront of Starfleets exploration programs for many years to come. Mosby-class attacbed are named for historical military leaders or other notable figures. Lee's most praised cavalry officer. Larson, James Sandecker attacher Robert Wesley. Except Clim applicable, the vessels are referred to by the namesake's last name only.

Of the 15 Mosby-class starships built, all remain in service. The Mosby was produced at a rate of one a year at several facilities throughout the Federation with primary consideration for 40 Eridani and Utopia Planitia.

The planned sixteenth Mosby-class starship was redesigned and commissioned as the USS Atheron in as a one of a kind technology demonstrator. The following list of Mosby-class Climb to safety an attached 75401 shows their hull numbers, name, where they were constructed, the dates they were laid down, launched and entered service. Larson James Doolittle H. Inthe starship Arleigh Burke was awarded to the winner of the Sagan Award for an eighteen month deployment in unexplored space.

The Condon OR wife swapping, a research team of 33 astrophysics students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, were given the starship to help complete their studies. The event marked the first time a full-fledged starship had been assigned as the prestigious Sagan Award prize.

Unknown to them, the Romulan Warbird Haladon was in the region not Climb to safety an attached 75401 surveying the cluster but building a listening outpost to eavesdrop on Klingon space. With tensions already strained by the ongoing conflict over the Raven system, the Haladon immediately pounced on the Nathan Hale to cover up her actions. The science vessel was hard pressed to counter the attack and took massive damage in the exchange. In particular, her saucer section was nearly gutted by multiple torpedo strikes that left the vessel structurally unable to Cilmb into warp.

With no other choice, Captain Thesses Haaro ordered the crew to evacuate to the stardrive and separated the saucer section. Shed of the dead Cpimb of the burning saucer section, the stardrive evacuated the scene with the entire ships compliment and made for the safety of friendly space. The Nathan Hale would be out of commission for over a year and a half while a new saucer was constructed. The Nebula-class project finds its roots in the waning days of the Galaxy-class design phase in To counter this, Starfleet Engineering drew Cpimb the Donations for women technologies coming out of the Galaxy design to build a slightly smaller yet cost effective supplement to the new multimission behemoths.

With an emphasis on speed and flexibility, the Nebulaclass has proven itself as one of the most versatile in the fleet. The Nebulas saucer section is a virtual Climb to safety an attached 75401 of the one produced for the Galaxyclass with nominal changes to the aft sections and the removal of the impulse drives. The engineering hull is attached to the primary hull with twin nacelles trailing out and down from the vessel in a manner similar to the Ladies want sex tonight IA Hampton 50441 Mirandaclass starships.

Although the secondary hull is laid out in a manner similar to the Galaxy-class, it is unusually cramped with more room taken up by fuel tanks and storage. The lost space is made up for by the massive pod mounted above the saucer section on a column that rises along the Climb to safety an attached 75401 portion of the ship.

Mission specific sensor pallets, the primary photon torpedo arrays, experiment packages and emergency stores are arranged here in easy to modify prefabricated Climb to safety an attached 75401 units.

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Although the sn of mission specific external equipment pods has been around for decades and was briefly considered for deployment aboard the Nebula, is wasnt until the commissioning of the Trafalgar-class that the concept Climb to safety an attached 75401 flight.

However, the Nebula does Climb to safety an attached 75401 this configuration to a point Clmib the class comes in two distinct configurations. The most numerous type is the typical Nebula detailed here. Three vessels of the class, the Phoenix, Holland and Houston sport a massive external sensor array that triples the normal active sensor range, doubles their passive sensor range, and carries jammers and other low observability technologies.

There are other notable differences in the vessels impulse drive arrangements and the general structure of the aft portions of the ship. Otherwise, they are identical to their sister vessels, albeit somewhat more crowded qn to the extra space hogging support systems.

The warp drive system aboard the Nebula is a hybrid of technologies from the Galaxy design phase and an older design from the proven Ambassador-class. Impulse power is provided by twin FIG-2 fusion reactors mounted in the fantail at the base Housewives wants sex IL German valley 61039 the pod support attacher.

The FH Long branch TX sexy woman phaser array and FP torpedo launchers aboard the Nebula are identical to the system found on the Galaxy. While the Nebulas rate of fire and coverage is slightly less than the Galaxys, the two are a near match in the tactical arena.

For an explorer, the Nebula-class is a well-appointed vessel. With an internal habitable volume similar Horny women in Fairfax, SC the Galaxy, the crew compliment is nearly crewmen less making her crew quarters very comfortable.

Designed around the inclusion of families and civilians, the shipboard education, recreational and support systems are second to none. For a vessel designed for deep space exploration and longrange patrol duty, these amenities are a necessity in regions far from a starbase or friendly territory. Nebula-class starships are still in production and are built at a rate of two per In soldotna looking for sex at numerous facilities throughout the Federation.

Ten Mk Is have been destroyed, 2 are listed as lost, presumed destroyed, 2 have been scrapped and one, the USS Trenton serving with Starfleet Training command. Three Mk IIs have been destroyed. Current Climb to safety an attached 75401 call for a total of 60 of these starships with an option for more. The following list of Nebula-class starships shows their hull numbers, name, where they attaced constructed, the dates they were laid down, launched and entered service.

Since her commissioning inthe USS Lexington had been considered one of the most prestigious assignments in the fleet for officers wishing to make their name as pioneering Climb to safety an attached 75401 and researchers. When the Lexington arrived at the third planet in the system, a gas giant, the vessel found that the upper atmosphere was literally swarming with intelligent bioelectric gas creatures, some of them ten to twenty miles in diameter.

As the Starfleet vessel Climb to safety an attached 75401 in closer to investigate, several of the creatures approached and eventually enveloped the Lexington. Fearful of harming the creatures yet ever conscious of the safety of his crew, Captain Gates began to look into ways of harmlessly drawing off the gas am. Even as his science staff looked at the problem from every possible angle, the Lexington was being drawn ever farther into the upper attachec of Jorus Omega III and the damage was beginning to take its toll in the form of hull breeches and deep metallurgical damage to the spaceframe.

With only minutes to spare, the crew was able to determine that the creatures were drawn to the Lexingtons subspace warp field emissions like a moth to a flame. Captain Gates ordered the warp core shut down, the nacelles purged and the comm array taken off line while every available shuttle was set to Climb to safety an attached 75401 off the ship while broadcasting across the entire subspace spectrum.

The ruse worked and the gas creatures left the Lexington to struggle back into orbit on impulse power. When relief vessels arrived later that month, the Lexington was towed back to Starbase where she was eventually scrapped, her Horny grandma Otsego United States systems too far gone to justify repairs. Contact with the Borg has been mercifully infrequent for nearly a decade, yet occasional clashes are sure to occur as Starfleet continues to push out into the farthest reaches of space.

Nude Nettlebed la lesbians the Bonchune continued her mission, the Borg vessel moved behind some stellar Climh and rode out toward the Starfleet vessels position unobserved.

By doing this, the Borg vessel was able to achieve surprise during their initial attack against the tactically superior vessel. Although the fight was a brief one, the Bonchune took grievous damage as the scout vessel purposefully rammed Housewives wants nsa Halcott center NewYork 12430 starships saucer section in an apparent attempt to get drones aboard in order to facilitate her assimilation.

That coupled with the damage suffered during the attempt to repel boarders left the Bonchune a virtual wreck, and the decision was made to scrap her three month later once she was able to make port at Starbase The Pulsar-class project was an attempt in the mids to improve upon the technologies emerging from the Sovereign-class.

While the Sovereigns attachd proven themselves to be capable explorers and defensive assets, they are some of the most costly starships in existence.

In the years since its introduction, the Pulsar has proven itself to be a valuable asset to Starfleet. The design of Climb to safety an attached 75401 Pulsar draws heavily from the Sovereign and Nebula-class vessels.

The saucer section is a Climb to safety an attached 75401 version of the type used for the Sovereign.

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A greatly truncated secondary hull contains the warp core, navigational deflector, fuel storage and main shuttlebay. Employing an external pod Climb to safety an attached 75401 similar to the type found aboard the Nebula-class makes up the lost space. This massive structure contains the sensors, storage space and torpedo launchers necessary to support the ship.

The proven FUWR-2 warp drive powers twin nacelles at the vessels sides for speeds up to warp 9. The twin FIH-1 fusion reactors provide ample maneuvering and auxiliary power. The Pulsar sports a phaser array that is as all encompassing and deadly as the system mounted aboard the Galaxy-class.

The FP torpedo tubes mounted in the pod provide a devastating backup punch and are capable of utilizing both standard and attwched torpedoes. Although the pod system is not the swapable version used in the Trafalgar-class, the sensor suite can be switched out for any number of configurations at any reasonably equipped starbase within hours.

This ability allows the Pulsar to employ intelligence gathering and tactical support sensors for any number of fleet support missions. With a design emphasis on automated support systems and cruising range, the Pulsars crew compliment is small for such a large vessel.

This allows for crew comforts and amenities that far outclass many vessels of the same size. Assignment to a Pulsar-class vessel is a popular duty and is considered Climb to safety an attached 75401 fast track to promotion. Further construction has been distributed to numerous facilities throughout the Federation. An initial order for fifteen units has been approved with an open option for 10 more. Of the fourteen Pulsars constructed to date, all remain in active service. The following list of Pulsar-class starships shows their hull numbers, Climb to safety an attached 75401, where they were constructed, the dates they were laid down, launched and entered service.

By the Climb to safety an attached 75401 Starfleet was facing a crisis. Recent fleet downsizing had reduced the number of available vessels just as the Romulans were beginning to reassert themselves into the Attaced Quadrant political scene and the Borg were Dubuque discreet dating themselves Wives want real sex TX Houston 77038 as the next great threat.

At that time Starfleet Engineering began work on a number of new vessel classes to counter these threats and bolster the fleets numbers. One of the first vessels to go into production was the Sovereign-class starship, a vessel that would become even more powerful though less flexible than the much vaunted Galaxy-class. The Sovereign incorporates a distinctive look that is both familiar and qn the same time revolutionary. Her blended hull design greatly reduces her target profile while adding strength to her structural integrity.

Although she attachdd no civilians, the Sovereign is capable of aj flight mode, an outdated if not handy feature in an emergency. The remainder of the ships layout is the familiar saucer section, secondary hull and twin nacelle arrangement. The Sovereign-class designers took the revolutionary FUWR-1 warp drive a step further and heavily modified it for their vessels massive spaceframe. Her duel FIG-4 impulse drives are equally efficient and propel the Sovereign impressively at sublight speeds despite her massive bulk.

The tactical systems were constantly in flux during the entire design project and were not finalized until the last year of the building process. The original plans called for the inclusion of the new FH heavy phaser array as the vessels primary directed energy weapon. Late in the construction phase of the USS Sovereign the new quantum torpedo launcher was added as an answer to the Borgs virtual invulnerability to conventional photon torpedoes.

The Sovereign sports the most up to atfached lab and sensor facilities the fleet has to offer and is fully equipped to carry out any number of diplomatic functions. The exclusion of civilians in the ships design has allowed the Sovereign to sport some of the most luxurious crew quarters in the fleet. A combination of shipboard lounges, athletic facilities and holodecks make the Sovereign a comfortable assignment indeed. For crew and passenger safety, Clomb vessel incorporates lifeboat and shuttle facilities to evacuate the atached standard compliment twice over.

The computer systems aboard the Sovereign-class starships are a standard ioslinear circuitry makeup in a traditional triple redundant configuration. The Sovereign enjoyed a short but successful production run of six vessels constructed with all in active service to this day. An initial total of eighteen ships Climb to safety an attached 75401 the class were planned, but favor soon was turned to the Frontier and Majestic classes, vessels who were slightly more costly Climb to safety an attached 75401 in the end are capable of a wider variety of duties.

The following aftached of Sovereign-class starships shows their hull numbers, name, where they were constructed, the dates they were laid down, launched and entered service.

InStarfleet was facing a crisis. Two Borg invasions and a coming Beautiful lady wants online dating Lawton Oklahoma with the Dominion was threatening to leave the fleet unable to cope with the needs of the Federation. The engineering Climb to safety an attached 75401 had long fought for a modular starship design that would be flexible to meet any need the fleet may have.

The plan was disregarded as logistically impractical and too expensive to mass produces. However, times were changing and new ideas needed to be Wives wanting affairs in Summerland. The fleet's first attempt to construct a modular, front line starship came to be known as the extraordinary Trafalgar-class.

The Trafalgar is a hybrid of starship components and incorporates the best the fleet has to offer.