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The FK Bivy is ultralight, but not terribly comfortable or durable. While it does provide insect and rain-splatter protection, it's difficult to enter and exit and must be handled with care.

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eant It has Do you want a good fk self-standing hood with two flexible wire-rods to keep the mosquito netting off your face, backed by solid fabric panels that can be rolled down for added wind protection and warmth. But the FK Blue ball PA milf personals is very cramped yoh and a lot less comfortable than it sounds. Its main function is to provide warmth by blocking convective heat loss from the wind, deflect any rain that might splash back under your tarp, and insect protection.

The first question you want to ask about a bivy Do you want a good fk, is how easy is it to get in and out. The only way to get in and out of the FK Bivy is through the hood, which I cover in more detail below. You need to slide into it feet first and somehow scootch yourself out at night to stand up, which is awkward and annoying.

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This product would be so much better with a side zipper, to make the process of getting in and out of the bivy easier and intuitive. The biggest issue is the amount of space available yoh the area below the hood, from your upper torso to your feet. When not in use, the solid fabric can be tied back, although it has a tendency to fall back down.

The hood is held up by two flexible wire tood that slip into Do you want a good fk sleeves in the hood. Once inserted the rod is held in place with a small strip of fabric with snaps, that loops over the rod and snaps back into itself, holding the rod in place.

The good are also tipped with plastic caps to prevent them from cutting through the base of the sleeves. Unfortunately, the hood is fragile.

If you tug too hard on a snap, it tears out of the fabric strip, making it impossible to keep the rod inserted. Further, when one of the end caps falls off the rod, it slices right through the base of the sleeve, again rendering the hood area useless.

Do you want a good fk

Reinventing the wheel is all fine and good, but this product is a flat. Holy moly! All I can say is thank you Philip for publishing honest reviews of products.

This bivy sounds like a real dog.

You, too, can be a beta tester for our products! Sleeping Bag Cover would be a better choice, and is lighter on my scale. I use it with a polycryo groundsheet.

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How do you think they compare Philip? The only problems with them are sometimes mediocre stitching quality and definitely shipping lead times.

best of craigslist: Just fucking fuck me, already.

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