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I Am Seeking Cock Dominate women in Independence Missouri seeking sissies

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Dominate women in Independence Missouri seeking sissies

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Kinda bored seeking to meet up with a nice boy tonight. I am comfortable wearing jeans, hanging at home, getting my hands dirty, I ride own a few muscle cars, listen more more to country, but love classicmetal, and would rather stay home and cook than fight through a crowed restaurant. I Dominate women in Independence Missouri seeking sissies want to be used or hurt. I have learned a lot over the last 2 years.

Age: 44
Relationship Status: Dowager
Seeking: I Wanting Man
City: Walnut Creek, CA
Hair: Red
Relation Type: Muse And Figure Model Iso Female Artist Buddy

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Dear Enslaved, Always being Mlssouri dominant one in a relationship, I was drawn to Ned because of his placid manner and almost feminine face and figure. At first, he went along with being tied up for sex and often being kept that way for hours. He even shaved his scant body hair when I said I liked smooth bodies.

Next I put him to my final test and dared him to go for a walk one Missiuri in complete drag. I made up his face and placed a dark page-boy wig on his head.

Dominate women in Independence Missouri seeking sissies were both turned on by his very feminine image in the full-length mirror. He suddenly got cold feet at the front door, but I solved that Independejce tying his wrists behind him and draping a coat about his shoulders, then shoving his helpless, feminized body out into the hall.

It was a delightful evening. No one was in the elevator or lobby, and on the street we received admiring glances from Indepehdence few people we passed.

We returned horny and had sex; Ned stayed tied and feminized the whole night. From then on he was hooked. He was bound and feminized on almost every date, and soon we began living together in a small house with a large, high-fenced yard for privacy.

We ordered clothes and articles from your Transvestite and other she-male catalogs and Ned wore several changes a day. I had Dominate women in Independence Missouri seeking sissies high paying job and good investments so I convinced Ned to quit his job and do all the womanly things around the house.

He was thrilled to do so, as he was then able to stay feminized all the time.

He also Missoyri schoolgirl outfits, gowns, velvet dresses, leopard outfits, skirts, tops and hosiery, lingerie, etc. He used your feminizing creams and pills and even slept tied up in a corset and stiletto heels, to nip in his waist, to give his hips and butt a rounder shape tone his leg and calf muscles and ankles, and raise his high arches.

Our bliss was shattered when Ned discovered that his dick and balls were shrinking while his breasts grew, his skin became Blonde from the Cyprus, his hair more silky, and his body hair disappeared. He loved being a TV bondage slave, content to receive a blowjob or handjob instead of actual intercourse in exchange for eating and finger-fucking my cunt while in bondage — but he drew the line at becoming a limp-donged, actual she-male!

I knocked him out with an Dominate women in Independence Missouri seeking sissies, and he woke to find he was tied in a compact ball, a jaw-creaking penis gag in his mouth and a huge, humming vibrator fucking his ass at siswies highest speed.

Ned wisely gave in, and I increased the hormone creams and tablets. He was given female behavior lessons and lashed whenever he messed up.

Mistress Elga.

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