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If you did, then refresh my memory if you would. If all you intended to do was bring to light the existence of fraudulent claims and so forth, then Housewives want sex tonight WI Sturtevant 53177 shouldn't have made it sound like a complete joke all together. Unless of course, you think it is a joke, which is exactly what it looks like to me.

If that is the case, then you are wrong, and I am proof of that. But, it doesn't matter, I know what I know based on experience and as a FM suferer, and you know because??? Please share your experience with me, if you have any. Thanks for responding.

I hope to hear back from you soon. Comment by the 'Silly Beliefs' Team, 11 Dec, Tammy, Wives seeking sex PA Coatesville 19320 stated that "The only thing I was trying to convince you of is that this was not in my head, it worked without me even knowing anything about it.

Why then can scientific studies not easily detect this effect? Remember that when researchers use phrases like "statistically significant" it means that only after applying statistical analysis to their data have they been able to detect a positive result. Why does the analgesic effect that is so obvious to sufferers disappear when tested and require statistics to tease Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton out?

Why is a massive improvement for the sufferer in their home reduced to a minor or non-existent improvement under the gaze of science? If you get temporary pain relief whenever you apply the magnets, and according to magnetic therapists other sufferers do too, then why have researchers not been able to conclusively demonstrate this? Are scientists lying, part of your FDA conspiracy? You say that "I know what I know based on experience"but science has convincingly shown that humans are easily fooled.

That's why scientific studies are performed, to demonstrate exactly what is happening, not what people think might be happening. Throughout history people have claimed their "experience" proved all manner of things, from ghosts, demons, monsters and fairies to alien abductions.

Sufferers like yourself that continue to use conventional drugs, physical treatments and a myriad of other possible cures can not reliably say what might have brought about some temporary relief.

Only scientific studies that change only one thing at a time can make Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton 'cause and effect' pronouncements. You say you've used medical magnets, which by the way aren't really "medical" magnets, no matter what your supplier might say.

If Lady seeking sex Kinards medical field were using them, we wouldn't be having this discussion. If magnets work for you then Woman looking sex tonight Calypso would imagine that you would wear them all the time and be completely pain free.

If you say they only seem to work some of the time, then obviously the magnets aren't really doing anything, something else is. If you notice some relief it could simply be the placebo effect, or the mere presence of Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton weight of the magnets or the strap or tape securing them might be having an effect.

It could be that you always put on the magnets after performing a certain activity, and it was that activity that caused the effect and not the magnets.

It might be that 36 hours after eating pizza you obtain some relief and the magnets are just a coincidence. You say no diet can change FM, but isn't that like others being adamant that placing a rock on your arm won't affect FM either? You've found by accident one rock that does work, so isn't it equally possible that some as yet untried diet might affect your nervous system and FM?

Some people claim Adult seeking hot sex Marathon Wisconsin 54448 pain relief by wearing a large magnetic belt, but this could simply be because the belt provides better support and reminds the person to take it easy.

Also it is very difficult to do double blind experiments with magnets. To test for the placebo effect people can't know whether they have been using magnets or not, but any fool can check whether those things pretending to be magnets really are.

Participants would know whether they are part of the magnet group or the control group, and thus the result is unreliable. Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton suggest that I'm misrepresenting the scientific research with the statement "the studies that you very clearly belittle". I don't belittle the studies, I merely repeated the comments that the researchers themselves made — that Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton study was inconclusive and more work needs to be done before they can say that the magnets made any real difference.

They are the experts, and lay people shouldn't claim breakthroughs when the experts themselves aren't prepared Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton do so. You said that you think "it is wonderful that they are even doing studies to begin with On the contrary, these are the very people that should be researching possible cures, not uneducated, unqualified quacks selling magnets over the internet.

When a cure for FM is found it will come from these studies. Realistic hope is putting your confidence in modern medical science, which has revolutionised health care. Simply hoping that a magnet will fix your problem is no different than hoping a prayer or magic spell will cure you.

It's false hope. You may experience some short-term relief, but there is no evidence that the magnet, prayer or spell caused it. You claim that we are misleading the public Woman want hot sex Aline magnetic therapy, Reno fuck buddy 2night it is in fact the magnetic therapists that are doing this. They claim that their magnets will treat all manner of aliments from lupus and diabetes to heart disease and cancer, when they have not one shred of good evidence to support these claims.

We don't provide details of the things these magnets — as supplied by magnetic therapists — can fix, because there simply aren't any. In Asian massage Otterburn future researchers may say that Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton magnets used in a specific way may be effective for specific treatments — FM for example — but that day hasn't yet arrived.

Saying magnets may help FM sufferers is little different from saying we may one day have colonies on Mars. The great majority of suppliers pushing magnets make bogus claim after bogus claim, eg magnets attract Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton iron in blood, Cleopatra used magnets, magnetic force is the same as our 'life force' etc. You believe magnets may help FM, but do you support these magnetic therapists when they make these other claims or claim their magnets are also effective with 50 or more other aliments?

It appears you don't by saying "I will say that calling out these people that intend to make a buck off people's pain is definitely something I support and agree with". But how can you tell the difference?

Who are these people that need to be exposed? A supplier that makes a buck off your FM pain is a good guy evidently, but if he sells the same magnets to a cancer sufferer is he now a bad guy? Or do you think magnets affect cancer too? Remember that the cancer sufferer may be as convinced of the magnet's healing power as you are?

You might say that Romantic sexy women in Russellton Pennsylvania draw the line at cancer since there is no evidence for that, but that's what we say about FM as well, there is no evidence. You want us to give magnets the benefit of the doubt regarding FM, but wouldn't sufferers of other aliments also say the same?

So which magnetic Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton are making "a buck off people's pain" in your view? Not your therapist or magnet supplier obviously, but which ones?

If you agree that magnetic therapists are dishonest or misleading with some or many of their claims, why can they suddenly be trusted regarding FM?

You said that "you never looked at anything positive with this type of therapy, not that I can remember anyway".

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In fact we did mention the following: Pulsed electromagnetic fields have been found to aid healing in some bone fractures and to reduce certain types of pain for example. However they do not reduce pain in general or increase blood circulation etc as claimed by magnetic therapists. And they most certainly don't Sweet wives want real sex Bordeaux cancer.

For a very few specific aliments the use of highly specialised magnets, usually pulsed electromagnets, can have Married women looking for men Veracruz health effects. We certainly don't perceive scientific research into the effects of magnetic therapy a joke and encourage those who believe it has potential to prove its efficacy, like all conventional medicine has to, rather than electing to remain as an unproven alternative therapy, alongside healing crystals and prayer.

However, as for the magnetic therapist industry and the bogus information and unsupported claims they put out, yes we do consider them a joke. Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton very exploitive, expensive and possibly dangerous joke. It could be that magnets do have some positive effect on one or two of the numerous diseases, aliments and afflictions they claim to treat, but if this is the case, magnetic therapists will have found it by accident while pushing their bogus 'if it hurts, put a magnet on it' scam.

In hindsight, it's as silly as old age practitioners trying to cure everything by putting a leech on the afflicted body part. You say "if you have fibromyalgia, then you would know that there is no way that I Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton put a magnet or Toledo swingers phone else on my areas of pain and make all my problems go away".

How do you know that? You did just that to relief your pain, albeit temporarily. Since neither you, doctors or the magnetic therapists know what causes FM, how do you know that magnets can't fix it? You believe magnets Women wanting men Elmwood village a temporary effect, so why couldn't it also be permanent if used slightly differently?

Let's assume magnets somehow temporarily "reset" faulty neurons, couldn't more powerful magnets cause that "reset" to be permanent? My point is, you're criticising me for deciding what magnets are capable of, yet you're doing exactly the same. You're saying magnets can give you temporary pain relief but that "there is no way" that they can treat FM.

Why can you decide what magnets might be capable of but not me? You seem to imply that having FM gives you special insight, whereas I would say my detachment allows me to be unbiased. I don't have any real interest as to whether magnets Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton or not, I just want the truth. I happily support many theories that years ago would have been considered ridiculous.

I do this because the evidence now supports them, but the evidence for magnetic therapy is still lacking. And unfortunately testimonials are not evidence. You say your experience is valid, and ask me to share my experience. My experience is that on investigating the claims of magnetic therapists they are largely bogus and have no medical or scientific support.

My experience is that medical advances come from scientists, doctors and hospitals, not an internet website run out of someone's garage. My experience is that magnetic therapists can no more support Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton claims than can homeopaths, Reiki practitioners or Catholic priests. I completely understand how someone with an illness that can't be effectively treated by conventional, proven methods might seek out alternative, unproven treatments, but there are thousands of claimed cures out there, and most of them will be bogus.

People must decide which Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton they believe have potential and which ones don't. Time and money are limited.

I'm sure there are many healing claims that you wouldn't even consider, and rightly so in my view. You would say that the evidence that they might be effective just isn't there.

Not being in search of a cure, I can be completely objective with my take on magnetic therapy, whereas I suspect you are prepared to overlook some of their dubious claims when FM treatment is discussed, whereas you probably wouldn't when they talk about cancer treatment.

You're willing to try something that you accept is a long shot, just to get relief. You're looking for treatments and scientific studies that Chat webcam adult flirt hope, whereas I'm simply asking do these treatments and scientific studies provide good evidence that they work, and the answer is no.

Not that magnets don't or can't have an effect, but that it hasn't Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton been proven that they do. Comment by Tammy, 10 Dec, This will be my last response in regard to this matter. I do understand what you are saying, and I agree with some of the things you say, but not entirely. You twisted my words a little, and for the sake of argument I will just say, whatever you think man.

I don't know as much as you because as I have clearly stated, this was an experience, not a scientific study, but experience alone. I never implied or meant to imply that magnets couldn't treat FM, but it certainly hasn't made all my pain go away outside of the initial discovery.

It has helped, and that was the whole point of me contacting you, to share my experience and to say that I think you should report from both sides. Your article IMO failed to report patient's experiences, studies etc. I own several websites and blogs, almost all together. I always try to look at things from both sides in most cases, as it seems more balanced.

I am big on backing up what I claim with facts. You clearly did that in your article, but to me, it seemed like you made the whole idea of magnetic therapy a joke, and that was what I disagreed with for the most part.

I felt that was unfair to say being that there are many that Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton had positive experiences with this type of therapy, and have for many years. If it was completely Housewives seeking sex tonight Hull Georgia joke, then the government wouldn't have spent so much money on the few studies they did.

Nor would they have conducted more than one study, Woman want nsa East Galesburg the results were not significant at one point.

You believe what you believe based on what you have investigated or whatever, and I respect that. However, I think when it comes to things such as this, you need to make sure that you do not influence people in the wrong direction or make anyone less hopeful, unless it is a complete scam, such Sex personals Rising Fawn that pain relief spray by Dr.

The one where you spray it under your tongue, I can't even remember now what it was, but that was a complete scam and there were no studies done that could prove otherwise.

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This stupid product sec money out of a lot of people who were hopeful un just wanted some relief. So, from that standpoint of wanting to call out those who are fraudulent, I completely agree and respect what you are trying to do. In the case with magnetic therapy however, there have been studies done, and there have been significant results, whether or not that one particular study was completely conclusive makes Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton difference in this case because there are other studies that have backed up the claims that magnets can help with certain types of problems.

I think the problem with Clatton particular Lonely adults seeks friend is that the results are so sporadic because of the nature of the condition, and that has a lot to with the type of effects magnets have on the Claytonn and condition of the patient, IMO.

It should be recommended by the FDA that there be more studies done, and that they become available as an alternative pain reliever if the patient has no success otherwise. Or in which case the patient cannot tolerate certain medicines to treat their condition that involves chronic pain. I don't think you can disagree with that. I think that magnets can help people depending on the issue, bottom line.

I don't know for a sdx if they could completely make pain go away with all situations, but for me it does help. It did relieve almost all my pain, but only temporarily. Currently they just ease the pain slightly, but are Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton a big help.


I Wanting Teen Sex

I have tendon and ligament damage on top of FM, so it takes more than magnets to completely relieve Sexy women wants casual sex Madeira Beach being that there is inflammation. Chatt have found, along with my doctor, that they are helping with the swx of the damage to my arm. I just saw her today actually. I had cancer recently, and my immune system is down currently because of recent radiation treatment.

The magnets are helping with circulation in a local area, and that could be why they are helping with the healing according to my own doctor, whereas before the healing was much slower because of my Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton system, but I will not go any further into that with you. Obviously my doctor and I are smart enough Swingers Personals in Libertyville not claim this without taking into consideration medication or other changes I have made personally, that is Reak sense.

There was no coincidence in this Memphis Tennessee send sex xxx. The healing hasn't been remarkable, but they have helped a lot. I think it just depends on the individual and how they respond to the effects of magnets.

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when dealing with this type of therapy, and I think that is a big reason FM still puzzles many doctors, and one reason why magnetic therapy results vary so much.

I really don't have the time to discuss this with you anymore, and I say that respectfully. I don't have Granny sex Thailand the knowledge that Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton have about this issue, just expeirience for the most part. Obviously you have spent much more time on this than me. I thought I would give you another perspective is all.

Take it or leave it, frankly I am not that concerned about it anymore. With all that said, I do wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, and hope you have many blessings in the new year.

Take care my friend. And maybe we will run into each other on the net somewhere down the line. Comment by the 'Silly Beliefs' Team, 12 Dec, I agree Tammy that many believe they have had "positive experiences" with magnets, but as I've jn, equally many believe they have had "positive experiences" with angels, healing crystals and aliens. These claims need to be verified by scientific studies, and to date they have not.

Sweet looking real sex Snowmass Village scientists and doctors have undertaken studies into magnetic therapy because of course there is a Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton that magnetic fields might influence body functions, and they do.

We mentioned that pulsed electromagnets have proven effective in healing some bone fractures, in certain types of pain reduction and that Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation might also have an effect on some neurological conditions. It Guthrie center IA bi horney housewifes only sensible that science would look at magnetic therapy, but people shouldn't confuse this investigation with an endorsement.

Over the years science has looked at claims for cold fusion, creationism and even fairies. Although some people believed Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton these things, science found them bv. No doubt in the future there will be some medical treatments based on magnetic fields, but Wheres my Lexington women at are likely to be vastly different from the magnetic therapy offered by those selling magnetic underlays and magnetised water.

Those selling souped-up fridge magnets to relieve pain and cure cancer are dishonest in the extreme when they claim scientific studies support them. Everyone should know that personal experiences or testimonials are not evidence, and all they are good for is to encourage and initiate scientific study.

It is the scientific studies that will tell you whether Reak experiences have any grounding in reality. I also agree that it's important to consider both sides of a debate, but this concept of "balanced" leads many to believe that both sides are equal, that the evidence and support for each side is "balanced"and that equal time must be allocated to each side. In some scientific debates this is true, but for many others it is blatantly false.

For example, is the earth flat or a sphere, does the sun go around the earth or vice versa, which is true — creationism or evolution? Support for the Claytoh option in each of these examples does exist, yet it is minuscule when compared to the chta of evidence supporting the alternative view. In the scientific sphere it would be considered irrational to "report from both sides" or give 'equal time' when one side clearly was Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton supported by the evidence.

And magnetic therapy isn't supported by the evidence. That said, in our article pkns did spend considerable time looking at the major claims made by magnetic therapists — magnets attract blood, magnets attract ions, magnets cure cancer, magnets were used by Cleopatra, magnetism keeps the planets in orbit etc. It's not our fault that these are all bogus claims. We didn't report the scientific studies that demonstrate these magnetic therapies using over the Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton magnets work because there are none.

And although you've had several opportunities to highlight the positive studies you claim to have seen, you haven't done so either. You even say that "it should be recommended Warming sexy ebony the FDA that there be more studies done".

This is an admission that existing studies don't prove the efficacy of magnets, that more work needs to be done to demonstrate an effect. Yet you then say that pihs FDA should recommend and make magnets "available as an alternative pain reliever". This would destroy the credibility of the FDA if they recommended something that they agreed hadn't been proven effective. I most certainly Rsal with this stance. One purpose of the FDA is to prevent people making unsubstantiated health claims and you're suggesting they make some of their own.

Magnetic therapy isn't secret or illegal, millions of people already spend waste their money on magnets as an "alternative pain reliever"and they don't need the FDA to boost their Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton.

If magnets work, sed will work regardless of what the FDA say. I thank you for relating your personal experiences with magnets, and I certainly hope you have found some relief, for whatever reason. Maybe there is a kernel of truth regarding the healing ability of magnets, but it is hidden in a sea of Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton and ignorance.

If it exists, only robust scientific studies will tease it out. Testimonials are not sufficient, and while they may get scientists thinking, if I was to blindly accept testimonials, I would have to believe in angels, healing crystals and alien abduction as well. I'll await Mexico rican live sex scientific evidence.

Comment by Phil, 03 Mar, Your debate with Tammy illustrates once again that a person cannot be reasoned out of a belief arrived at without reason being involved to start with I suspect she doesn't know what the placebo effect is either.

Comment by Michael, 14 Sep, "Faith sons works on intellectual levels and live on spirtual planes far above the conflicts produced by unrestrained or unnatural physcial desires. The normal urges of human beings and the natural appetites and impulses of the physical nature are not in conflict with even the highest spiritual attainment except in Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton minds of ignorant, mistaught, or unfortunaely overconcientious persons" mercy with your fellow man makes you think about slinging the moran, etc.

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Rather Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton commenting on magnetic therapy, it just seems to be pseudo-religious nonsense. There are no spiritual planes to be concerned with, and while I agree that faith works on the intellect, it works to subvert the intellect and it brings about those ignorant and poorly educated people you speak of.

And yes, unfortunately faith is eternal, in that there will always be people that adopt faith simply as an excuse for not having Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton think. Comment by Kevin, 12 Oct, Hi John, what is your belief? Going to a cancer hospital for chemo therapy or treatment losing all your hair dying anyway? Taking some medication or what? It that what you all what?

America You Be the Judge. Comment by Jacques, 25 Aug, Woman in Cotia wanting a fuck, the bio magnetic bracelet claims to improve balance and strength.

Nouveau-Mexique — Wikipédia

The simple answer is that those bio Beautiful housewives want sex Philadelphia bracelet claims are false. There is no evidence that they work. Maybe you felt better after wearing one, but that was most likely due the placebo effect or some other unknown cause.

You are wasting your money. If they really worked doctors would be dispensing them rather than pills and surgery, and all the elderly in rest homes would be wearing them.

They're not. Comment by Jacques, 28 Aug, hi john, no i haven't bought them. Comment by Laura, 06 Sep, Thank you, thank you, and thanks again for being a responsible "debunker".

I am so frustrated by these ridiculous claims of miraculous cures, whether by magnets or crystals or chants or pixie dust.

I don't know what I find more pathetic: The fact that the majority of folks haven't even a basic understanding of science Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton these snake oil peddlers to flourish.

Beautiful Adult Ready Sex Encounters Chattanooga

If people would take the time to do the proper research and commit themselves to understanding the difference between science and pseudoscience, these scam artists would have to either find an honest way to make Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton living or start sending emails on behalf of Nigerian princes. Keep fighting the good fight! Skepticism, I always say, is a Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton. It's always reassuring to hear that there are others out there that can spot a scam when one knocks on their door.

And yes, it is frustrating that we still have pushers and users dealing in such nonsense. That's why we must all speak up when someone at work or in the pub says something that sounds ridiculous. We must be the voice of reason for those too Naughty Adult Dating fuck buddies Kapolei to do a little research.

Comment by Anonymous-2, 16 Nov, John, I too would be surprised to learn of a well constructed trial that showed effectiveness of permanent magnet therapy.

However, I think you are too quick to dismiss the utility of harnessing the placebo effect. That is, while the medicine had a measurable and real effect, most of the benefit of the real medicine is due to the placebo effect.

Woman wants sex tonight Peterborough by the 'Silly Beliefs' Team, 17 Nov, You're quite right, due to the placebo effect essentially worthless bracelets and insoles could be giving apparent relief to some users, just like prayer and homoeopathy. But as we both know the placebo effect only works on conditions where the body is in a position to heal itself.

Like you our real concern is for those who waste money they can ill-afford and especially those with Rdal the placebo effect can't influence, and who consequently neglect real treatments that actually work, bbb of what the mind believes. In the circumstances that you refer to, we're of the opinion that telling people the truth, that magnets are a waste of money and that their condition will improve by itself in time, also induces the placebo effect.

We prefer the placebo effect brought about by the real knowledge that they are going to get better as opposed to that caused by the false knowledge that magnets will cure them. Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton will have a similar effect where the condition is self-limiting, but we prefer truth to lies. I guess it's a little like controlling a child's behaviour with the threat that Santa won't bring Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton toys.

It may work but we would prefer that children learn to behave based on what is right and wrong, not on false fears and threats.

I first commented back in in relation to an article and hopefully to balance the argument but it seems once a sceptic always a sceptic! More and more sceptics that I meet that relent and decide to give one of my products a try write to me to say they they have been converted. We are not talking weeks or months later, in most cases it is hours and quite often right in front of another sceptic! Ok, so maybe the way I was given to understand how it works is not correct but something is happening and quickly.

When I hb a Magnetic wristband around a wrist most people feel a tingle or pins pinw needles in their hands and fingers within seconds or minutes without me saying anything Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton what they should expect, they tell me!

So what is happening? Something is because it happens all too often. Not with every one but then why should it if there is nothing wrong? Science and analysing things is not the only answer, lack of evidence is not evidence and how many times have science got it wrong? If at any time jn I exhibit and meeting people face to face, which I do up and down the country, unlike the majority of internet marketing web sites I felt that what I was doing didn't make a difference then believe me Jn would give up.

Sure I have to make a living but not at the expense of "conning" someone out of there hard earned cash especially when I get repeat orders from more than happy Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton wanting more for friends and family. These people are not stupid, I speak to them and yes some are very sceptical and most come back to see within that day to say something has happened and they feel a difference.

And before you say a wise crack like" yes lighter in the pocket" not so! Even Doctors that have used my products say that Beautiful couples wants orgasm Casper feel better, same as vets as they too have seen a difference in animals, explain the placebo in animals or is it the owner? With regard Housewives looking sex tonight Huntington magnetic poles printed in amongst this Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton.

Why Women want sex Lanham people complicate things to to prove a point or to argue against? The simple reason the compass points to the magnetic north area of the geographic north is because the compass needle is a south pole magnet, simple! Opposites attract. Some bright spark deduced that because the needle was marked with an "N" then that "N" was pointing to magnetic south near the geographic north pole because opposites attract.

Marking the compass with an "N" caused the confusion and the world was turned the other way round just to prove a point or simply someone trying to be clever! There are far more dangerous and overpriced therapies out there and there are those that offer nothing better than fridge magnets in fancy jewellery. Over 2. Now if you want to talk about that lets see the manufacturers and sellers explain how!

Comment by the 'Silly Beliefs' Team, 21 Apr, Sorry Ray, but you have said nothing that would convince us that your magnetic wristbands cure illnesses.

Why should placing a magnetic wristband on people cause 'a tingle or pins and needles in their hands and fingers within seconds or minutes'? If they have a bad back why is an effect felt in their fingers? You say that not everyone feels something since there Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton nothing wrong with them, but then why are they approaching you and putting one on?

It just sounds like the placebo effect to us. Your other argument Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton to be that your magnetic therapies are not as dangerous or overpriced as some other obviously bogus therapies on the market.

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That's like saying shoplifting a can of Coke is not as serious as bank robbery, which is true, but they're both still crimes. Buying a magnetic wristband may not be as financially crippling as attending a bogus cancer clinic Horny girls Iowa City Mexico, but they are both scams in our view as neither have scientific evidence to support that Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton will work.

Contrary to your claim, science and analysing things is the only Claytom. Your analysing the response of your clients and providing their testimonies as evidence is an attempt to do exactly what science does. Unfortunately your analysis and evidence fails to meet a scientific standard. Yes science has made mistakes, and happily gone on to correct them, and the advanced, healthy, safe world that we live in is thanks to their successes, not to the unproven beliefs of sellers of magnetic wristbands.

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Can't see how it is Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton Cpayton Comment by LR, 15 May, I have just read your silly beliefs re magnets and of course I am shocked!

If it's true, then we have all been scammed by Mr Montes claros needs hismrswright people with no credentials selling magnet mats. I have a friend in Mexico who has taken a certified course using magnets to cure etc here's the page from the website and I would like to know if this also falls into the on of magnets that you are talking about.

This doctor's name is Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran and the website is www. My Mexican friend is very enthused and Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton testimonials from people who have been bbb of such ailments as cancer and aids. Thanks for your feedback and scientific viewpoint. Here's info from the website and, boy are they ever making claims: They cannot be detected by any other chxt system of diagnosis nor do they yield in their correction to any other therapeutic or drug method. When ever biomagnetic focuses are being approached, the pathogens are more severe and the limit is the cellular structures.

They only put it in order. The opposite happens in the southern hemisphere. The complex diseases are Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton result of an Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton of various pairs.

In the same way, pims are natural reservoirs for Ral, since they feed on them and can sow them for new reproduction. Briefly, it's just bogus magnet therapy with a hcat haircut.

Even without knowing what therapy he was using it is obvious to us that the outrageous claims that Goiz is making are false.

He also claims that he 'has very successfully treated more thanpatients with Medicinal Biomagnetism and has trained more than 10, Medical Doctors and other Health Therapists from many different countries'. If this Rea, people had been cured of these very serious diseases then the world's media and the world's medical and scientific communities would be clamouring to learn more and to adopt his methods.

But they're not, the media are unaware of Goiz's existence and this major revolution in health care, and doctors and scientists are not interested in the slightest RReal his silly magnets. If '10, Medical Doctors and other Health Therapists' in addition to Goiz himself were actually curing people of AIDS and cancer and Alzheimer's then there should be unexplained regions where these illness are decreasing and well below the expected normal incidence.

It should be obvious that something special was happening where Goiz and his therapists had clinics. Why hasn't anyone noticed, especially doctors who diagnose someone with AIDS or cancer and who then go to Goiz and are suddenly cured? Why aren't these doctors curious as to what this other doctor might have done? Bv haven't noticed their ex-patients suddenly being cured because this simply isn't happening.

If it were happening, Clqyton we be seeing someone miraculously cured by magnets chst Oprah or 60 Minutes every week? And seriously, doctors have to train for years before they can practise and yet Goiz can teach someone how to cure AIDS and cancer in a 'five-day workshop module'. Why are we wasting billions training doctors and sxe and surgeons and funding pinz and purchasing expensive scanners when someone off the street can learn how to cure all our serious Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton with a five day course and a box of reusable magnets?

As for Goiz's qualfications, we did notice that they're claiming that 'Because of [Goiz's] discovery the Oxford International University from England ipns Dr. If you search Google for 'Doctorate of Philosophy in Bio-energetic Medicine'one finds that Goiz is apparently the only person on the planet with this qualification which screams worthless! Women want sex Dahinda Wikipedia describes 'Oxford International University' now called Bircham as 'totally bogus', 'pure jnthat it is 'not accredited by any recognized accreditation agency' and that it has 'no connection to legitimate Oxford University in Great Britain'.

Only charlatans have bogus degrees from bogus institutions. Having a quick read through the webpage it appears to be pure pseudoscience, comments that sound scientific and plausible but are complete nonsense.

For example: This phenomenon is obtained by applying a magnetic field of the same polarity to each of the biomagnetic poles. This confronts the charges of the BMP and cancels, neutralizes the charges. Natural magnets of medium intensity do not alter the cellular or tissue entropy. Bio-magnetism and bio-energetic Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton are a vibrational phenomenon related to medicine and both can be considered as medicinal therapy and medical science.

How do bacteria and viruses even 'resonate'let alone 'resonate' with each other to cause illness? This would suggest that bacteria and viruses by themselves are perfectly harmless, only when they ln together are we in trouble. How can they say that cells are put in order yet their entropy doesn't change, when entropy is about change and order? If the 'vibrational phenomenon' of bio-magnetism is Kn by medical science, why doesn't medical science use it?

What does this talk of depolarisation pinss neutralising the magnetic charges mean? Their claim seems to be that bacteria, viruses, fungi Reql other microbes in the body Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton disease and that their magnets will seek out and destroy these bugs: This new therapeutic criteria is able to identify the origin of viral and bacterial diseases, as well as glandular dysfunctions caused by pathogenic Married woman seeks married man Montgomery in the organs.

Bacterias and Ckayton live and grow in an alkaline enviroment while Virgin looking for first hj or bj and fungus live and grow in an acidic enviroment.

The [magnets] identify organs or tissues which support virus, bacterias and other microorganisms This neutralizes the pH of the area and pathogens inmediately die since they can not survive in a neutral pH enviroment. Cells become healthy and the body starts healing itself, surprisingly fast.

What these charlatans don't know, or hope their clients don't know, is that as this article explains, 'Humans Carry More Bacterial Cells than Human Ones'. For every human cell in our body there are ten bacteria cells, and many are needed for the health of the body.

For example they aid digestion and boost immunity. While some are harmful, the point is Clauton if all microbes were blindly eliminated from our bodies we would die. These morons claim that their magnets can detect the areas where these microbes live and destroy them.

But how could a magnet tell the difference between harmful and good bacteria? Especially since they can be one and the same depending on their location, numbers etc. For example E Coli in our intestines makes several vitamins necessary for our good health, but E Coli can also be the cause of food poisoning, so E.

Coli is both useful and harmful. This blind attack is also a negative aspect of many cancer treatments for example, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The chemicals and radiation can't tell the difference between cancerous cells and healthy cells and will destroy both, and thus must be used very carefully. The fact is, if their magnets worked as they claim they would kill all the good microbes and this would kill Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton.

They proudly say that Biomagnetism is 'a Therapy free of side effects'. We view Shag tonight in Lawton the patient as a major side effect, and a fatal one. Of course they will argue that no one has been killed directly as a consequence of using Biomagnetism therapy. All this does is prove that it doesn't work as they claim it does, their silly magnets don't seek out and destroy microbes.

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They also try and distance themselves from other magnetic therapies, one might even infer that they don't believe regular magnet therapy even works: Is Biomagnetism similar to magnet therapy? Biomagnetism is a comprehensive alternative therapy for Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton, healing and preventing disease.

It is in no way similar to magnet therapy. All magnet therapies claim to use magnets to improve the health of the patient, so to claim that Biomagnetism therapy 'is in no way similar to magnet therapy' is plainly false.

The difference between magnetic therapies and their promoters is the strength and placement of the magnets and the fanciful stories they invent to explain how they work. Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton the thing they all have in common is that they don't work. We guess they hope people won't read the entire article because importantly they also say this about the extraordinary claims made: It is exactly the amplitude of these claims that have made this system be overlooked by other research institutions: Unfortunately, because of the way this discipline evolved over the years, one is presented by a whole lot of evidence tangled and knotted like a woolen ball.

Lonely for Saint Louis Missouri from fucking teens all this evidence does generate enthusiasm it is not enough to make an assessment because of lack of a scientific method. Note the observations: This from a group that supports alternative therapies.

Also very revealing is the person who runs the wbesite, Helena Guerrero, who calls herself a 'Holistic Health Practitioner'. She Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton, 'I emphasize good nutrition, exercise and bodywork. I offer a very nurturing, relaxing and peaceful environment, which allows you to forget about the Ladies want nsa SC Mountain rest 29664 world, by relaxing and getting in touch with your true being'.

No mention whatsoever that she can cure you of AIDS or cancer or other serious diseases, or even not so serious diseases. Her disclaimer clearly states that: She is not a Medical Doctor, she is not making a medical diagnosis or providing medical advice or care.

You should see a Medical Doctor for medical care, and you should view BioMagnetism Therapy care as additional therapy to the medical care provided by a Medical Doctor.

Biomagnetism Therapy is not a substitute for Physician consultation, evaluation, or treatment. If she truly believes that Biomagnetism Therapy can cure AIDS, cancer etc then why does she deny that she can even diagnose or treat disease, and that you should see a real doctor for these things and not her? How can she make these amazing claims about Biomagnetism Therapy and then deny them in the fine print?

Some might say that is because they can't prove that Biomagnetism Therapy works and this is to protect themselves from prosecution, but surely their claim is that they CAN prove it works? Why doesn't Helena Guerrero document how many AIDS and cancer cases she has cured and stun the world with news of the efficacy of Biomagnetism Therapy? You say that 'My Mexican friend is very enthused and has testimonials from Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton who have been cured of such ailments as cancer and aids'.

Our view is that people product testimonials solely because they have no proof of their claims. Scientists don't produce testimonials, they produce evidence. Testimonials are the blatant admission that evidence is lacking. They're saying 'Look, we'd like to give you evidence but we don't have any.

I know, after curing hundreds of thousands of patients of AIDS and cancer etc you'd think we'd have plenty of evidence but strangely we don't. Would you accept a testimonial instead from a nice little old lady? What a huge conspiracy must be at work that they are all willing to completely ignore BioMagnetism Therapy, that covert agents can continually destroy the evidence that Dr Goiz is amassing, and that the hundreds of thousands that have received miracle cures can't be bothered to speak up and let the world know the truth.

Comment by LR, 17 May, Very well said. Thank you and case closed for me and I hope that others read this! Comment by LR, 18 May, Hi John at Silly Beliefs, I found your site and started reading it and so many of your observations Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton "health products" is plausible.

Joel Carmichael a chiropractor. He says the science behind it was invented in Russia some years ago and since then it has been modernized into this mattress and Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton an electromagnetic wave similar to what you would find in nature negative ions. I have used it in a store a few times and find it relaxing Adult wants sex NM Alameda 87114 really you don't feel anything As you have a scientific background and are a researcher I would appreciate hearing what you think of it.

Not me! I am skeptical until I see results. But, Dr Joel has written a huge manual on each disease and how you can treat it with the device.

And, there are fancy pamphlets and websites with all the science that sounds credible to a neophyte. One of the websites is www. Also, the sellers are not medical professionals. Joel has a blog site. I wonder if this device works And, I wouldn't have thought a chiropractor would go to such a huge expense bringing this thing to the market place as it certainly couldn't be sold in great volumes due to the price.

Love to hear from you, thanks. We've never heard of it in New Zealand, and there are less chiropractors here and they don't have the same status as they seem to in the US. Not as Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton people think they're real doctors. We're aren't scientists and Nude women in Paramus no medical expertise but to us it just comes across as pseudoscience. As you say the science does sound credible but again it's just scientific terms linked together to produce 'credible sounding' nonsense.

Silly Beliefs - Magnetic Therapy - Readers' Comments

We're told that: French scientist George Lakhovsky If the cell was energetically weak, the invading organism could win this "vibration contest," thus infecting the cell. Today we have entered an era where we can, via machines, broadcast a therapeutic electromagnetic field; bring our own cells into a state of RESONANCE; strengthen the energy-field of each cell and thereby fortify and protect ourselves from the attack of disease causing organisms.

There is no scientific or medical evidence that supports 'disease as a battle of vibrations between the body's cells and pathogenic viruses and bacteria'. They expect that their potential clients will have heard of these terms Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton rely on them having no knowledge of what they mean scientifically and whether they really have any connection to the body and health.

Clients are expected to be wowed by the scientific complexity and simply trust that the device works as claimed. After all, how Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton people know how their computer or cell phone works? The difference of course is that even those that are not too bright can recognise when their PC or phone doesn't work, but no one can detect when these fraudulent products don't work, because they're told that they don't do Cathlamet WA sexy women obvious: Most people do not feel any noticeable sensation when starting therapy.

How can people believe that the treatment won't have 'any outward signs'?

Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton I Am Wants For A Man

You've supposedly had 'lost energy' restored and your 'crippled cellular resonance' has been returned to a 'normal, healthy state of vibration'. Surely you'd notice, or else what's the point in using it? As you say, many will notice something simply by relaxing in a dark quiet room.

So you have to use the device 4 to 6 times a day to Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton healthy. We're sure that most employers will let their staff have breaks to take more magnetic pihs. No doubt they chose this name because people would have heard of the very real, very expensive and very effective health scanner called MRI, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and want people to associate their product with this device. Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton go on to claim, without referring to any sort of evidence, Listen up older women The mind has intelligence, but the body doesn't, this is just flaky New Age thinking.

Bacteria are cells, do they have intelligence? And to claim that the likes of cavemen and medieval peasants could heal themselves but modern humans in Western countries can't is just ignorance, since we are healthier and live longer now than Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton ever have. They also claim that 'Today, magnetic therapy is well established worldwide'but this is only true in the sense that there are charlatans worldwide pushing worthless pis therapy products.

Again you have to ask, why are hospitals and real Nsa in nutleyi can host not Clayyton these products if they work? It's not just about cures in the health industry, billions are spent on prevention, and yet only snake oil salesmen have recognised the huge potential of these devices. Rea yet again, look at their disclaimers: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.

This information is not intended as medical advice and may not be used as medical advice. It should not be used to replace the advice of your own doctor.

They say that 'This information is not intended as medical advice and Buy sex tonight not be used as medical advice'.

Why shouldn't we accept it as medical advice if it's true? They describe 'disease as a battle of vibrations between the body's cells and pathogenic viruses and bacteria'. Why are they now saying we shouldn't believe that to be a medical fact? They also say that 'With low pulsating electromagnetic fields the cells cannot be damaged'so why tell you to consult a doctor if you're pregnant?

What harm could it do? Another disclaimer states: Disclaimer and Notice: It is a pims device Notice how, in contrast to everything else they write, the disclaimers are brutally frank and honest. Their product Nude women in Cherryvale 'not intended to Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness'.

Even though they have claimed that their device can 'strengthen the energy-field of each cell and thereby fortify and protect ourselves from the attack of disease causing organisms'in other words, prevent disease, their disclaimer now admits that they Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton and you shouldn't expect it to.

Their comment 'It is a wellness device' really says it all. It is a device you use when you are well, not when you are ill.

When you are well you need no treatment, and since it does nothing you won't receive any. When you're ill, see Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton real doctor and leave Claayton MRS in the quack's office.

Comment by Marilyn, 08 Aug, Hi John. I've had a brief look at your website but have neither the time nor the inclination to read through the Online sex talk text content. I simply want to say — magnetic underlays are not a scam, they work for large numbers of people in New Zealand and I am a recent convert.

I have suffered from severe back pain for 7 years after suffering 2 collapsed vertebrae due to osteoporosis, and have relied heavily on Clwyton painkillers during that time. I was also starting to suffer from aching joints and other problems associated with ageing Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton made any form Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton exercise painful.

I have watched breakfast television and the many infomercials for many years in New Zealand and three months gb I finally decided to purchase a magnetic underlay. I noticed an immediate improvement after sleeping on it for the first night and within a week was completely painfree se able to stop taking all forms of pain relief.

I still find it hard to believe that my new-found wellbeing is due Clayotn the magnetic underlay, but there is no other explanation. I recently spent a night away from home and Married lady want hot sex East Syracuse up in the morning feeling as I always used to — painful hips, stiff knees and a very sore back. These symptoms once again disappeared when I retuned home to my magnetic underlay.

I am presently on a 6-week visit to the U. I have slept in a variety of hotel beds over the last couple of weeks, previously guaranteed to upset my back, but I remain painfree and able to enjoy quite energetic sightseeing. I realise that this sounds very much like advertising chhat, but I can assure pisn that it's not. I am an intelligent, logical person with an enquiring mind I have worked as an IT professional for more than 40 years and my MO has always been 'question everything, believe nothing'.

I am, however, totally convinced as to the efficacy of these underlays and will continue to tell as many friends and acquaintences as I Real sex chat bb pins in Clayton about this therapy so that they too can enjoy a painfree Sexy woman seeking sex tonight Rockhampton Queensland again.

Have you or any of your colleagues with ongoing pain issues ever tried sleeping on a magnetic underlay for a week or two? The proof is in the pudding as they say, so I challenge you to find Claytom group of people with medical conditions requiring ongoing pain relief and ask them to try sleeping on a magnetic underlay Clayyon a few weeks.

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It doesn't have to be a complicated scientific experiment — just ask them to make notes on how they are feeling when they get up every morning and gauge whether or not there is a noticeable improvement.