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Want to make your soldier stand at attention Want For A Man

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Want to make your soldier stand at attention

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Upon leaving and entering a room you shake everyone's hand. This handshake is the one-pump, not limp, not too strong handshake.

German soldier language and customs

German soldiers would include a very slight bow. Hat's off to ladies out of doors you never wear a hat indoors, except if you are carrying a weapon. In greetings and introductions you always include the person's title s - examples: Military discipline - The German army was at the top of the ladder in the social order and it was deemed the highest honor to be a soldier.

Respect for leaders was shown at all times; leaders took care of their men and made sure they were well trained. Standing at attention and saluting when an officer comes near is expected. Regular military salutes were used mostly, but the straight-arm Nazi salute was used sometimes, along with the ''halt" style salute which was a comrade greeting Kameradgruss.

Never stand around with your hands in your pockets and look lazy. Stand up proudly and in a military manner. Speak clearly and simply to an officer or sergeant, not using hand gestures.

In class you sit up straight with hands folded on the table. Waffen SS rooms and personal items were not locked up because comrades were Martinsville women whores be trusted and stealing was a very bad offense. Professionalism - German soldiers take great pride in everything they do, and Zt it thoroughly, with enthusiasm. Every soldier was trained to take over the next highest rank and use their initiative when needed.

Standing on the quay in Durban, Gouth Africa's busiest wartime port, always The fame of Perla Siedle has spread across the world in soldier talk. When troops spy her stocky figure, calls pour in from the crowded rails for favorites like Home, the King because it is too formal and the men would have to stand at attention. The drill positions of attention and parade rest are two perfect examples. Warning: If you don't remember anything else, do not forget to unlock your knees that stationary drill in the military often requires you to stand still for long periods). The position of at attention, or standing at attention, is a military posture which involves the Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version .

The goal or objective was staand to the leader, and the leader devised his own plan to make it happen - Want to make your soldier stand at attention the least amount of casualties.

No leader was expected to try to take an objective that could not reasonably be taken with the resources at hand. The German army did not expect to stupidly lose men and equipment when so much time and effort was given to create it.

Leaders were expected to speak up when they had questions or concerns about their men or mission. German soldiers were trained to be highly proficient in every part of their jobs, so each tool and job came naturally and could be done confidently.

Differences from Americans - German soldiers hold their rifles cupped in one hand when running, not in both hands like GIs. The wedding ring is on the right hand. German commands and language Formations Angetreten fall in at attention Antreten fall in not at attention Attentiom antreten fall in not at attention and dress right Richt Want to make your soldier stand at attention dress right already in formation Stillgestanden!

Bist du krank? Are you sick? Hast du Hunger? Are you hungry? Hast du Durst? Are you thirsty?

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Singst mir ein Lied Sing me a song naturlich naturally immer always nie never etwas some Ich habe keine Zeit I have no time Wie Uhr ist es? What time hour is it? Hast du Feuer? Do you have a light match?

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Bist du boese? Are you tired? Bist du muede? Are you angry?

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Was denkst du? What do you think? Wo gehtst du?

Want to make your soldier stand at attention

Where are you going? Spielst du Karten? Do you plan cards? Liest du die Zeitung? Are you reading the newspaper?

Was machst du? Keep the legs straight without locking the knees. Hold the body erect with the hips level, chest lifted and arched, and the shoulders square.

'Hero' soldier captured standing at attention in the rain during funeral procession - CNN

Keep the head erect Want to make your soldier stand at attention face straight to the front with the chin drawn in so that alignment of the head and neck is vertical.

Let the arms hang straight without stiffness. Curl the fingers so that the tips of the thumbs are alongside and touching the first joint of the forefingers. Keep the thumbs straight along af seams of youg trouser leg with the first joint of the fingers touching the trousers. Sponsored advertisement: Sponsored Advertisement: This website is not affiliated with the U.

All proceeds from wt operation of this site are donated to veteran and other charities. Position of Attention. Remain silent and do not move unless otherwise directed.

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