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Yonkers looking to talk to someone badass

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It was a bank holiday weekend, so my girlfriend and I bought some pizza, turned the heating on, and pressed play on our read: WOLF Hot want nsa South Yarmouth a mellow and pretty Tyler, bike-riding through the pastel colored fields of summer love, we thought.

But what happened next, we could not comprehend. Aimlessly flirting through the black-hole of YouTube, searching for that video of Forest Whitaker giving the G.

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TL; DR: Since the beginning, Tyler has philandered with alter-egos. Looking past the cultural references, the trilogy lokking, in terms of narrative chronology, as follows.

First, without any music or lyrical bias, the cover art for WOLF suggests that the record has a a reminiscent theme, with Tyler looking back at images of a younger version of himself, so I'mma go looiing ahead and put it at the beginning.

Older women of lubbock characters lead the narrative of certain songs.

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Sam continues through the album, angrily rapping about how he sells blow Y U Mad, bro? The album ends with Tyler getting sent to Dr. If I seen that nigga, I would have killed him. Now, are you keeping up? Are you confused?

Do you need a drink? How about this video of Forest Whitaker that I mentioned earlier?

Take a break. Watch it. He makes Will Smith cry.

Welcome back. We're here at the first album, which in terms of storyline, comes straight after WOLF. He says that she tried to play him like a dummy, by fucking around with Sam.

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Does this make sense? He's also reeling from the absence of his father. He and Sam are still fighting over Salem. Tyler threatens to shoot his father and gets sent into yet deeper therapy sessions.

THIS photo. Hear that?

That's the sound of a thousand girls dropping their panties Yonkerz a hoard of teenage boys picking up snap backs and tattooing newfound "motives" under their eyelids. He seems to be stating that Sam is out of the picture, but by the end of the track they get back together.

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Like I mentioned earlier, Tyler has a bunch of alter-egos. At the end of the tal, Dr. At the end of the track, Tyler shoots them all.

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Tyler mentions him frequently in the narrative, which, though amazingly unplanned, ties into the real life Samoa scenario. Are you keeping up?

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To recap: In the same way, because they're the same person, so has Sam. Tyler's alter egos, Tron Cat and Ace, start to take over, which end in him eventually killing his friends.

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The album ends with Tyler realizing that he has a bunch of multiple personalities controlling his life and he wants to rid himself of them. How are you doing? Do you understand so far? I know it's hard. At the end, we see him shooting himself three times, leaving three dead Tylers on the floor.

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The track title suggests that Tyler has already killed Sam. This leaves us missing the middle part of the story.

Yonkers looking to talk to someone badass

How did this happen? This suggests that the next album almost HAS to be his long awaited collaboration with Earl. The story obviously has a bunch of flaws.

This is the Fight Club of music. The Donnie Darko of hip-hop. The Requiem for a Dream love story.

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Tyler's music isn't simply surface "fuck everything" water; instead, down in the depths, a stronger undercurrent flows through a story. Follow Ryan on Twitter: Has Tyler penned the most complex concept album series hip-hop has ever seen? VICE Elsewhere.